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Most BlackBerry owners want iPhone, Android

Image: A person poses while using a Blackberry Bold 2 smartphone
A person poses while using a Blackberry Bold 2 smart phone made by Research in Motion. According to a new report, more than 50 percent of current U.S. BlackBerry users say they would switch to a competing smart phone.Mark Blinch / X02025
/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Millions of BlackBerry customers are poised to make the leap to iPhones and Android phones, according to a report today.

According to Nielsen Co., there are about 12 million potential BlackBerry deserters in the United States, which could cause concern for RIM on the eve of its BlackBerry 9800 launch.

More than half of BlackBerry owners say they'll choose something other than a BlackBerry when they upgrade. Of that 57 percent, 29 percent would choose iPhone, 21 percent Android and the balance would choose another operating system like Windows Mobile.

The iPhone remains the most desired phone: 90 percent of current iPhone owners will choose another iPhone when they purchase their next phones.

Fledgling Android users have already established their loyalty to the newest operating system in the smartphone market: 71 percent say they'll stick with Android, 21 percent would like an iPhone and 3 percent will be in the market for a BlackBerry.

Apple's smartphone has proven very popular with consumers since it was first launched in 2007, even though it is only available through AT&T in the United States. Android can attribute its success with flooding the market with phones from multiple manufacturers that are available from all major carriers.

BlackBerry lands in the middle with a handful of phones available from most providers. Its last major introduction, the Storm 2, fell short due in part to trouble with its touchscreen.

RIM is scheduled to announce their first new 2010 BlackBerry model, the 9800, tomorrow in New York.