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Samsung to Offer First Sub-$1,000 3-D TV

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Samsung doesn't plan to officially announce its new 50-inch 3-D ready HDTV until tomorrow, but the TV is already up for pre-order. While a 50-inch plasma 3-D TV may not be anything new, the sub-$1,000 price tag sure is.

This marks the first time that a consumer-grade flatscreen 3-D TV has fallen below $1,000. It's a huge step towards making the 3-D transition that studios are pushing more affordable for consumers.

The Samsung PN50C490 50-inch 3-D plasma is available on Amazon for $989 with free shipping. That's over $400 cheaper than Samsung's current 3-D flat panel TV, which is only 40-inches.

The PN50C490 only displays 720p high definition, and has a strange 1365 x 768 pixel resolution, but even then it should be just fine for any home entertainment center. It comes in the standard 16:9 screen aspect ratio and has three HDMI ports. It does require active shutter 3-D glasses, but those are sold separately, and they aren't cheap.