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Rush investigation a witch hunt?

State attorney's office has never actually tried anyone for those charges

“The Palm Beach Post” reported last week that, in all its history, the Palm Beach state attorney‘s office has never actually tried anyone for the charges that are now being leveled at Rush Limbaugh.  “The Post” specifically looked into the so-called doctor shopping allegation, suggesting that the radio superstar went from doctor to doctor to get more prescription drugs to fill his habit. 

That a respected and left-of-center newspaper like “The Palm Beach Post” would conduct such a damning investigation against Limbaugh‘s potential prosecutor is not good news for the state attorney‘s office.  Already charged with leaking misleading info to the press, the South Florida DA‘s case is starting to take on water.   And unless he abandons this ship soon, Palm Beach‘s state attorney is going to be the one found guilty of wasting taxpayers‘ dollars on a political witch-hunt.