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Eastern Environment Chairman and CEO Makes Key Speech on Recycling and Waste Treatment to the PRC's National People's Congress

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

NEW YORK and HARBIN, China, Aug. 30, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eastern Environment Solutions Corp. (OTCBB:EESC), a leading provider of municipal solid waste (MSW) processing and disposal services in northeast China, today announced that the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Feng Yan, was personally invited to attend and present on the issues of waste treatment and recycling before the PRC National People's Congress in Beijing. Ms. Feng Yan, a delegate to the National People's Congress, also promoted charity and welfare work across China at a meeting of the Overseas Chinese Association.

During the week of August 23 to 28, Ms. Feng attended meetings of the PRC National People's Congress in Beijing as a delegate and participated in a panel discussion on "The Implementation and Promotion of the Waste Treatment Law." Ms. Feng explained the importance of government support for the waste treatment industry, especially in the area of recycling. "Support should come from both the central government and local governments, with both subsidies and financing available to support the waste treatment industry," Ms. Feng explained. "I suggested that the government create economic zones focused on renewable resources. I also believe that the government should promote the separation of different types of garbage in order to promote deeper levels of garbage processing and to help develop the recycling economy. I emphasized the importance of converting waste into usable energy and renewable resources. It is absolutely critical that a nation of our size and population take these steps now."

Ms. Feng continued, "I am convinced that the government will back my idea of promoting the recycling economy and will further promote the conversion of waste into renewable resources. Currently, the issue of waste disposal and treatment is a hot topic among all levels of government, with much support and attention for curbing waste and promoting the recycling of resources. I believe that my promotion of these concepts will directly lead to greater government support for companies that focus on waste treatment and recycling."

On August 17th, Ms. Feng attended the meeting of the Overseas Chinese Association, part of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Ms. Feng's speech focused on improving the common welfare and encouraging overseas Chinese to participate in more charity work within China. Ms. Feng explained, "By increasing the participation of overseas Chinese in charities within China, we will be able to improve social harmony, increase living standards, and thereby help drive further economic growth." Immediately after her presentation, Ms. Feng and leading government figures from the Association visited Sichuan Bei Chuan Middle School, celebrating the rebuilding of the school after the devastating Sichuan earthquake.

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