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Rewriting the rules on immigration

Bush plan allows American employers to hire Mexican citizens to fill American jobs

President Bush is about to rewrite the rules on illegal immigration by essentially ignoring the rules.  Reports out of Washington are that the White House is going to announce a new policy that would allow American jobs to be assigned to illegal immigrants. 

The Bush plan allows American employers to hire Mexican citizens to fill American jobs.  These jobs are supposedly too demeaning for Americans to occupy, but that concept is utter nonsense.  The only reason Americans aren't taking these jobs in question is because businesses are able to fill their employment rolls with illegal immigrants. 

These illegal immigrants will work for next to nothing.  So, if the United States government actually protected our borders and enforced the employment laws that you pay for them to enforce, these jobs in question would pay good enough wages for Americans to fill. 

Then again, living by the law of the land might actually affect some businesses' bottom line. 

As we all know, playing to illegal aliens is all the rage in Washington these days, where politicians of both parties cynically believe that the only way to win votes is by embracing a group of criminals who come to our country, break our laws, and take our jobs. 

The chief law enforcement officer of the United States is going to tell the world that America has given up its battle to protect its borders.  And what that means for our nation‘s security is anybody's guess.  It's a disturbing turn of events in Washington.