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Degama Software Solutions Sets Sail for South America With Smartphone App Solution

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

TORONTO, Sept. 3, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Degama Software Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheets:DGMA) is pleased to announce that it has secured an LOI for engagement from Brazcan S.A., a South American Real Estate company. The forthcoming agreement would include Degama Software Solutions to provide full-service Smartphone application development for Brazcan S.A. utilizing Degama's proprietary Geolocation-based software to serve the North Brazil based firm's commercial needs. 

The application, as proposed, would allow users to roam a city center or highlighted area from their Smartphone on Degama's Geolocation-based interface to instantly access property locations, detailed information and extensive abilities such as property comparisons, property specifications (condo, house, townhouse, apartment, etc.), price ranges, search saves and setting up appointments directly from their PDA.  

Degama Software Solutions CEO, Seijin Ki, explains, "It's almost too convenient," he says. "The user simply activates their app and drives to their desired location; as they enter, be it via wheels or foot, available properties will begin to 'pop-up' before their very eyes, pointing out locations that they can then gather key information about by pressing the corresponding pop-up, bringing up prices, square foot, pictures, etc. They then, if they choose, can dial the realtor or owner direct from the app, seamlessly."

Ki comments on the LOI:  "This is groundbreaking for Degama as our foray into a new continent with very close-knit business communities. This recent progress is very satisfying, but despite the coup, not necessarily surprising," states Degama Software Solutions, CEO, Seijin Ki. "We are in discussion with several companies in South America currently, and across various industries. This initial LOI helps us work toward taking a strong foothold in a new, technologically progressive global territory. Each of the companies we are working with have shown interest in our proprietary VascoNow™ application and also utilizing our Geolocation technology for various purposes."

He adds, "In general, our Applications will enable companies to better connect with consumers and strategic partners in a world where everyone is on the go, and where they're going and where they're coming from is becoming more and more important in advertising, target marketing and data research. Degama also facilitates a reach across the world wide web and among various devices to which even months ago, companies did not have access."

Sarah Kennedy, on behalf of Sabre Holdings, was quoted this last Tuesday on the dynamism of Geolocation in her own industry:

"These tools are mind-blowing, regardless if discovered in 1990 or 2010.

However, what mind-blowing can't articulate is the long-term revenue potential for these tools in our industry to-date . . .  For end-consumers, needs that geo-location services can help meet are abundant. Geo-location offers invaluable data and resulting increase in advertising relevance to improve the shopping experience  . . .  The continued adoption of GPS-enabled smart phones will support (potential growth areas) and both will be primarily monetized through the evolution of 'advertising' into 'personalized recommendations.'"

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