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Exmovere Starts Development of an Electric, Low Speed Road Vehicle for Active Women

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

MCLEAN, Va., Sept. 3, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exmovere Holdings, Inc. ( ), a biomedical engineering company, today announced that it is developing a stand and ride road vehicle to complement its Chariot product line, called the "Red Fury." On June 22nd of this year, Exmovere Holdings engaged Sarah Park as lead industrial designer for this product. The Red Fury is an urban electric vehicle that is based on Sarah Park's unique trapezoid-based design language and is intended to supplant mopeds and electric bicycles. This vehicle will be marketed heavily to active women and will be designed specifically to accommodate and accentuate their physique.   The Red Fury will be a complement to the company's existing mobility solutions, including the Chariot, and round out the company's product offerings in this area. This is consistent with the company's commitment to emotional design and the development of health-promoting and confidence-building mobility devices. Like the Chariot, the Red Fury will enable the rider to interact with the world from a high, upright position. Further, the Red Fury rider's vertical posture will ensure optimal blood flow, confidence, and convenience.   The Red Fury will go up to 25 MPH so it will be developed and marketed within the growing market of electric bicycles and mopeds.

A photo accompanying this release can be found at

A photo accompanying this release can be found at

Exmovere is currently developing the Red Fury alongside the Chariot and intends to unveil it at various auto shows in Europe, Asia and the United States in late 2011.

According to Sarah Park, the Red Fury's designer, "This will be a totally new kind of transportation option for women. The larger rear wheels and sharp convergence of lines almost make the Red Fury look like a pair of futuristic high heels. Women can wear an evening gown, a pant-suit or even a moo moo on the Red Fury, and they'll still turn heads."

David Bychkov, Exmovere CEO, added: "The Red Fury's control arms will swing back so that the vehicle can also be used as a cart or electrically-assisted shopping basket. Instead of lugging heavy groceries and water bottles uphill, they can gently push the Red Fury into elevators and through apartment doors."

The Red Fury will contain design features intended for female-oriented activities, especially shopping, and will come with a wide variety of accessories, including custom boots, helmets, purses, and other apparel.   Cheyenne Crow, VP and COO of Exmovere, stated, "From a corporate perspective, the whole point of the Red Fury is to explore and define an emotionally appealing design language for all of our products. Sarah Park is an exceptional, young designer and she has captured the edginess and pathos of the emerging Era of Woman. Our customers will see Sarah's design cues in the Telepath and other Exmovere products down the road."

A photo accompanying this release can be found at

Exmovere Holdings, Inc. is focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, mobility, and security and the practical applications of the study of human emotion. The Red Fury is instrumental in the build out of this vision and along with the Chariot a solid representation of Exmovere's innovative course. The company plans on continuing along a path of solid and emotional driven design with a product offering that changes the way people look at the world. The hope is that these products will continue to be on the cutting edge and establish paradigm shifts in the markets we serve. Further inquiries into the Red Fury or any of our exciting and innovative product offerings should be directed to the contact person listed below.

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