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Airliner lands in Russian forest after power fails

Image: A Russian passenger Tupolev (TU-154) stands in a forest near a neglected airport outside the village of Izhma
This Russian passenger Tupolev (TU-154) aircraft carrying 81 people made a "miracle" crash landing at a deserted air strip deep in the Siberian taiga after a complete mid-flight power failure, officials said Wednesday.NIKOLAI ROCHEV / AFP - Getty Images
/ Source: The Associated Press

Russian aviation investigators have launched a probe into the emergency landing of a passenger jet that rolled into a forest without hurting anyone.

The Tupolev Tu-154 airliner was carrying 72 passengers and 9 crew when it suffered an electrical system failure Tuesday while flying from Polyarnyi in northern Siberia to Moscow.

The pilot managed to land the three-engine jet at an abandoned military air base near the village of Izhma in the northern Komi region.

But the air base's runway was too short for the big Tupolev and the plane rolled off into a nearby forest. Russian television stations showed footage of the airliner sitting mostly intact between young trees.

The government's top investigative body said Wednesday it would investigate the cause of the accident.