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Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions is Now Positioned to Offer a True Mobile Solution for Companies to Save Over 60% on Call Centers and IVR Customer Service, in Addition to Generating Revenue on Orexis Proprietary Advertising Platform

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LONDON, Sept. 8, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Church & Crawford, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CCWF) is now positioned to offer a true mobile solution for companies to save on their call centers. The Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions application is for anyone who has a mobile phone and requires speaking to a company at any point, in essence everyone, four Billion people globally. Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions provides direct cost reductions to Interactive Voice Recognition ("IVR") solutions (currently worth $413M US), Computer Telephony Integration ("CTI") software (according to Frost & Sullivan is worth $7.86 billion) and Agent / HR reduction ($50 - $90 billion, varied reports). At the same time it allows revenue generation via mobile marketing, according to Thompson Financial that's up to $21.31 billion.

Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions application is a customer contact application platform for mobile phones. Once downloaded it will allow users to navigate the graphical user interface ("GUI") to select options for self-service or to interact with the company via instant chat or voice. Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions application provides for the first time ever the ability to turn contact centres into revenue centres, through the use of its advert engine, which provides real time, multimedia adverts displayed on the GUI.

Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions application instantly reduces costs in the areas of infrastructure, software and agent salaries. The three key overheads for any operation. It can reduce these costs by up to 60%, over a five year period; typically for a medium size contact centre that could translate up to $50M+ US savings a year. By leveraging on data networks and cleverly managing customer's interactions, Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions application drastically reduces the load on contact centres and the requirement for voice enabled agents.

The solution is a handset, platform and industry agnostic and can be used for anyone, for anything.

In addition, the platform allows companies to display advertisements and with Gartner suggesting that the mobile advertising market would be worth in the region of $14.6 Billion in 2011 (Global). Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions is the only mobile solution that provides advertisers "User Focused Space," i.e. complete and full attention of customer for up to 20 seconds whilst they wait for an agent.

For the user there are no adoption barriers; in fact there is an enhancement to the customer experience. Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions enables customers to interact in a rich manner through the use of the Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions Graphical  User  Interface  ("GUI").  Giving the opportunity to chat to a customer agent up to 50x faster than waiting to talk to one, dramatically increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

As Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions application is a complete end-to-end solution, it provides SME's with an affordable contact centre solution and alleviates the financial burden associated with contact centres. With the use of agent chat sessions a SME can provide a top quality customer experience without having to pay top dollar.

The Church & Crawford Orexis Solutions solution is simple; its simplicity is the corner stone of producing a true WIN, WIN solution for companies and customers.

About Church & Crawford, Inc.

Church & Crawford is a provider of Mobile To Company Integration (MTCI). Church & Crawford provides companies with advanced Interactive Voice Response solutions by providing a customized, feature rich application that simplifies call centre needs.

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