Breakthrough Pain Relief Product Earns FDA Clearance for Direct to Consumer Over-the-Counter Distribution

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

PHOENIX, Sept. 15, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American Pain Foundation reports that despite the fact that the majority of the U.S. population looks healthy, statistics tell a different story: Approximately 1 in 3 Americans suffer from chronic pain. This chronic pain could be related to an illness like cancer or rheumatoid arthritis, or a condition such as arthritis, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia or back pain from a car accident. Put another way: More than 75 million Americans – more than those diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined – live with chronic pain that makes simple tasks like lifting a child, sitting at their workstation, or swinging a golf club challenging at best and at its worst, nearly impossible. It is this widespread need for pain relief that paves the way for the The LaserTouchOne™, a hand-held, FDA-cleared device for the treatment of chronic and acute pain that stands alone in the marketplace today – and is available without a prescription.

Over a decade ago a Congressional mandate declared 2000 to 2010 as the 'Decade of Pain Control and Research,' yet sadly, evidence-based pain relief solutions available direct to consumer have been notably absent in the marketplace… until now. Today Renewal Technologies brings to market the LaserTouchOne, a first-of-its-kind product that – in studies conducted to secure Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance – has been clinically proven to be 93% effective in reducing pain and is a safe alternative to medication or surgery.

Okky Oei, MD, Medical Director for Renewal Technologies and expert in pain research and treatment, was instrumental in the development of the LaserTouchOne device. According to Dr. Oei, "The LaserTouchOne is the only product on the market today that combines two proven modalities – low-level laser, sometimes referred to as 'cold laser,' and micro-current electrical stimulation – and can point to demonstrated clinical results." He added: "It's safe and easy to use and available without a prescription. In addition, the LaserTouchOne is portable and personal – delivering drug-free, pain-free relief – and is as easy to hold and use as an electric toothbrush."

Renewal Technologies, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company founded by Bob Gottschalk, is a mission-driven company that delivers products direct to consumers that relieve pain and/or improve quality of life. A visionary business strategist, Gottschalk is driven by a combination of the desire to help chronic pain sufferers and the business viability of a truly breakthrough product which addresses a pervasive need. Gottschalk played a pivotal role in the development and national growth of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program®, an initiative with health insurance carriers that engaged seniors to become more physically active and thereby improve the quality of their lives.

 "When I learned about the LaserTouchOne product I immediately saw parallels to the SilverSneakers program: a well-defined target audience, a high-value product, clearly-defined goals, a viable and reasonable process for accomplishing them, a huge target population… and the ability to make a positive social impact," said Gottschalk. "I asked myself: Can the LaserTouchOne really be a second opportunity for me and my team to make a real difference in this world by bringing evidence based relief to the millions of people suffering with pain?" His confidence in the product coupled with a strong desire to make a difference led to his securing the exclusive worldwide licensing rights to the LaserTouchOne and the launch of Renewal Technologies.

Years of research and testing preceded the clinical study that secured FDA clearance. The LaserTouchOne combines science, medicine and technology in creating a powerful new alternative for pain relief – one that leverages the synergies of two proven treatment modalities that, when used in tandem, are more effective than either a single modality TENS unit or cold laser device:

Low Level Laser Therapy, also referred to as Cold Laser, is a method of treatment using a single diode laser for delivery of low level (cold) laser therapy. It is a well-established therapy for pain relief and rehabilitation of numerous injuries. The laser light penetrates tissue where it is absorbed by cells and effectively stimulates healing and rapid pain relief.

Electrical Stimulation stimulates the nerves in affected areas. These micro-currents effectively block pain and stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain relievers. As a result, local physiological changes become evident, namely muscle relaxation and improved circulation. When this occurs, oxygen flows more freely and promotes natural healing.

Features of the LaserTouchOne include:

  • Safe and easy to use… no cumbersome wires
  • Ergonomic, handheld design
  • Portable for easy transport (It's about the size of an electric toothbrush)
  • Can be used multiple times per day in two-minute treatment sessions
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Key benefits to those suffering from chronic or acute pain:

  • Treatment promotes the body's natural repair and healing processes at the cellular level
  • Proven to be 93 percent effective in relieving pain
  • Provides a safe alternative to medication as well as surgery and other invasive procedures
  • Easy for consumers' self-use… comfortable and painless
  • Available without a prescription
  • A qualified medical device expense                                            
  • Supports improved quality of life                                 

Pain sufferers can learn more about the LaserTouchOne at . Consumers can order directly from that site or through a growing network of local distributors. The product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Gottschalk, who brings decades of experience in healthcare, wellness, fitness, franchising and pharmacy operations and sales to bear in launching Renewal Technologies, sees today's demographics and trends as a 'perfect storm' of sorts related to a unique business opportunity. "We have aging baby boomers, controversy over healthcare reform, the financial challenges that face entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, rising medical costs – all driving an increased interest on the part of patients and payers to seek and try alternative remedies for health and wellness."

About the LaserTouchOne:                                          

Developed by a physician and expert in pain and pain relief treatments – and cleared by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for both prescription and over-the-counter consumer use – the LaserTouchOne is the only pain relief device on the market today that combines two proven therapies: a low-level laser and micro-current electrical stimulation. Research has shown that these two therapies promote the body's natural healing process at the cellular level.

The device is a safe alternative to medication or surgery and other invasive procedures and can eliminate the need for costly prescriptions. It's painless, easy to use and portable… so that pain relief is always in the palm of your hand.

About Renewal Technologies:                                     

Renewal Technologies is a mission-driven company that delivers products direct to consumers that relieve pain and improve quality of life. In bringing its first product to market – the LaserTouchOne – Renewal Technologies has marshaled a team of dedicated professionals who bring more than 100 years of experience in training, communications, marketing and sales to this effort and is passionate about the mission of connecting the millions of people in pain with the LaserTouchOne.

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