Ecosphere Announces New Water Recycling Contract With Newfield Exploration Subsidiary in Woodford Shale

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

STUART, Fla., Sept. 16, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecosphere Energy Services, LLC, a majority owned subsidiary of Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH), a diversified water engineering and environmental services company, announced that it has agreed to a contract extension with WACCAW, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc. to increase its existing contract with EES to provide its Ozonix process to recycle water fracturing fluids for Newfield Exploration in the Woodford Shale. Ecosphere and Newfield have been working together in Oklahoma since November 2008. Newfield Exploration has pioneered the use of the Ecosphere Ozonix process to eliminate chemicals used in recycling fracturing fluids in shale plays. The new service contract increases the volume of fluid EES will process annually for Newfield.

Aaron Horn, President of Ecosphere Energy Services stated, "Newfield Exploration is at the forefront of energy companies that have found a way to cost effectively recycle water without the use of chemicals. By using the Ecosphere Ozonix System services, Newfield is able to reuse the flowback and produced water from its drilling operations and save money while using environmentally friendly technology. The Ecosphere Ozonix process improves the quality of flowback and produced fluid for use on fracturing operations without the use of chemicals. The Ecosphere Ozonix process is a patented process that reduces the possibility for adverse operational conditions caused by scale, corrosion, bacteria fouling and plugging. It has been a pleasure working with the Newfield team. We look forward to continuing our work with them."

John Ely, CEO of Ely & Associates also stated, "Newfield Exploration was the first energy company that began using Ecosphere's Ozonix process in its operations to eliminate certain chemicals that are needed to recycle flowback and produced waters for hydraulic fracturing. Working with Newfield in Oklahoma has allowed Ecosphere the opportunity to prove that the Ozonix process is a cost effective and viable alternative to using chemicals to kill bacteria and reduce scaling in fracturing fluids."

Newfield Exploration received a water recycling permit from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to use the Ecosphere Ozonix process to recycle its frac water in July 2009.

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Ely & Associates supervised more than 4,000 frac treatments in 2009. Ely designs hundreds of frac treatments yearly and has been deeply involved in virtually every shale play in the U.S. and has a specialized design process for water fracs.

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Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH) is a diversified water engineering and environmental services company. The Company provides environmental services and technologies for use in large-scale and sustainable applications across industries, nations and ecosystems.

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