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Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings' Enable Software Secures Tech Client in Republic of Ireland

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LONDON, Sept. 16, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings (Pink Sheets: MMUH) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Enable Software, has secured a new contract with eXpd8 Ireland to host its Business Management Product, 'eXpd8'. 

eXpd8's Business Management Solution currently boasts a feature-rich platform including Case Management, Phone Message management, Alarms, Office & Application Integration, Document Templates, Reports, Scanning and Indexing and Document Merge, among others.  A client testimonial from eXpd8's website puts the technology's benefits into perspective well:

"eXpd8 is what we have needed in our practice for a long time, without even knowing that we needed it! We are confident that your program will radically improve our efficiency and cost recovery, and that it will generally make life more enjoyable in the legal practice. Staff morale has already lifted significantly."   -Jim Keogh, Keogh & Co Barristers & Solicitors, Australia

eXpd8 is currently designing an online portal where their product will be available. Traditionally this type of platform needed to be installed directly on the user's system. eXpd8 will streamline the service with online availability. The new contract states that Enable Software will assist by providing and managing the hosting environment, subsequently developing and managing the eXpd8 platform itself.

Enable Senior VP of Technology, Danny Jenkins, comments, "This is a tremendous 'get' for Enable as eXpd8 is a worldwide provider with branches servicing the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Portugal and South Africa in addition to Ireland. We feel that our work in this new Agreement will certainly lead to a progressive relationship with eXpd8 as both companies are familiar with each others' capabilities and the inherent synergies that exist in working together. Expd8's service is attractive in that it has proven well in living up to its claim of the ability to boost a company's productivity levels, allowing the business to grow without the need for increasing staff."

Enable's development partnership with eXpd8 is intended to ensure continued mutual success while generating additional streams of revenue for MMUH Enable Software in consulting, development and hosting services all the while.  

Enable Software is an email management software solutions company that works exclusively with IT Service Providers to furnish them with the very latest in email management solutions for the modern market place.

eXpd8 aims to provide the very best case management solutions to their clients in Ireland, South Africa, the USA and throughout Europe. The products are simple, easy to use and to the point. Development continues with work on the SaaS version continuing at a pace.

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