CIMknows Launches New Stock Analysis Service in Sweden

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 22, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Lund based Swedish company, CIMknows, is introducing a new service for private and institutional investors and fund managers, with Nordic Equity Data from NASDAQ OMX.

"We provide tools that objectively analyze public stocks' value to stockholders," says Leif G. Bohman, who developed the automated method for CIMknows.

The first tool - Nordic Navigator - which has been successfully tested by several Swedish financial institutions and private investors focuses on the analysis of Nordic stocks' performance and their respective stockholder value.

"By introducing Nordic Navigator with NASDAQ OMX's Nordic Equity Data product, CIMknows shows it is committed to giving its customers the latest and most innovative market data tools," says Suzanne Dahl, Associated Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products. "With Nordic Navigator, CIMknows customers can now take a new innovative approach to stock analysis with great confidence in the quality of the underlying data."

Nordic Navigator users gain knowledge of stocks' relative returns and which stocks are presently traded at premiums and discounts. With the same value-based method, sectors and markets are also analyzed.

A second Navigator tool for the US stock market is planned for spring 2011.


The CIM Model: stocks have value, not just price. With the help of this new innovative approach to stock analysis, a user of the Nordic Navigator product and its analyses and models, can compare stocks in terms of value trends and end-of-day trading prices.

Stocks' different "track records" to their stockholders can be compared to provide better choices for investors' portfolio selections. With the objective knowledge of stocks' relative premium and discounts, the timing of buy-sell decisions can be enhanced and price bubbles avoided.

CIMknows products are available on the web, in the form of subscription and on-demand services. "Our services focus on private stock investors, but have also been successfully tested by professional analysts and fund managers. Our analyses and models are user friendly and our products cost effective," says Leif G. Bohman.

CIMknows is located in Lund and was founded in 2008 by the R & D company, Cbolabs, who research the stock market and develop investment management software.

CONTACT: CIMknows Leif G Bohman mobile +46-70-6760807