ProQueSys, LLC Announces ProQueSys(TM) FlowTraq(TM)

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LEBANON, N.H., Sept. 23, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today ProQueSys, LLC announced ProQueSys FlowTraq, scheduled to release in October 2010. The ProQueSys solution, a full-fidelity netflow analyzer, offers three distinct benefits to network security managers, IT professionals and IT executives to relieve security concerns.

1)    Actionable Intelligence. No two risks are alike, and understanding a risk means being 80% of the way to eliminating it. The ProQueSys solution is built on the fundamental principle of speed-to-information. Getting to information faster and easier allows immediate action.

2)    Instant Forensics. Means faster recovery from incidents. Data leakage, breaches, IP theft, BotNets, and hardware failures all mean one thing – compromised productivity. Find out the source and scope of the problem, and fix it. Instant access to all relevant data means back to business sooner.

3)    Threat Anticipation. At any given moment, a network is either pre-incident or post-incident. Risk is simply the opportunity for a problem to develop. The ProQueSys solution gives security teams the insight to identify risks before they become viable threats, and effectively investigate an incident if one does occur.

Explains ProQueSys CEO, Vincent Berk, "We've developed a versatile product that allows IT security teams to proactively protect corporate assets. On those occasions when unauthorized activities or intrusions happen, ProQueSys can help identify problems reliably and quickly to minimize threats."

Along with the announcement of ProQueSys FlowTraq, the company launched a new website to help IT security teams better understand risk and how to mitigate and respond to network threats.

To receive information or schedule an online demonstration of the ProQueSys Security Center call us at 603-727-4477, email or visit the new website at .

About ProQueSys, LLC

ProQueSys develops and markets software solutions that improve network insight and reduce organizational risk.  InterMapper Flows, the company's pioneer product, has successfully acquired a global customer base since its launch in 2006. ProQueSys solutions are full-fidelity network flow analyzers that are designed for network operations at all levels of government, industry, and military, from neighborhood schools to Fortune 100 companies. ProQueSys is privately-held and headquartered in New Hampshire, USA.

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