A big, um, paws: Cat stuck in tree 10 days finally descends

/ Source: The Associated Press

Talk about a stubborn kitty. A cat perched in a tree outside the home of a Kalamazoo County couple finally came down Thursday after cooling its, um, paws for the past week and a half. The feline was about 50 to 60 feet above the Texas Township backyard.

Homeowner Pam Cameron told The Kalamazoo Gazette a neighbor and TV reporter were able to coax the cat. It scratched the neighbor once grounded then scurried off.

Cameron and her husband had called the fire department, but the agency didn't have a ladder long enough to reach the cat that appears to be Siamese.

She said her husband used a bow and arrow to shoot a string over a tree limb so they could raise a laundry basket with food and water.

The cat got within a foot of the basket, then backed away and remained in the tree.