John Mattera, CEO of The Mattera Reserve, Coins Patent on Methods for Dispensing Prescription Drugs and Collecting Data

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 30, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- John Mattera has received a patent that contains methods for generating and maintaining confidential medical information, and in particular electronic medical records that are operative to both preserve the secrecy and confidentiality of such information, but further enables medical information to be generated for purposes of research, public health, or healthcare operations. According to a preferred embodiment, confidential medical information is input into a conventional electronic medical records system and maintained in a first format, but is further converted to a second format whereby such information is purged of all patient information and identifiers. Such de-identified data is compiled on a routine basis, such as a daily basis, and forwarded to an entity certified to receive such information pursuant to a research or data use agreement. The invention further comprises methods for providing a prescription benefit via the distribution of prescription medications through mail order wherein such medications are procured from either a domestic or foreign source depending upon cost of the prescription medications.

Patent Overview:

The present invention is directed to methods for generating and maintaining confidential patient information such that the same complies with all regulations associated with HIPAA, but is further operative to generate de-identified information or limited sets that are useful for research purposes. According to a preferred embodiment, the method comprises the initial step of compiling medical information, which is derived through conventional methods via the interaction between one or more patients and a healthcare provider. Preferably, the information is input into an electronic medical record (EMR) database, the latter of which may be licensed to the healthcare provider via a separate software license. The healthcare provider responsible for generating and inputting such confidential data through such EMR system will enter into a separate agreement with a research entity that, in compliance with HIPAA, will designate a recipient designated to receive de-identified data derived from the medical information input into the EMR. Once the information is input into the EMR, the same may be stored, retrieved, and updated as per conventional EMR practice and preferably in accordance with all applicable electronic formats. Such data is further separately edited such that the same is ultimately altered into a second state whereby such information undergoes the de-identification necessary for such data to be utilized for research purposes pursuant to the regulations of HIPAA. In this regard, such medical information, will be selectively edited such that all personal information related to the patients referenced therein, including any and all identifiers related to each patient, such as Social Security number, phone number, insurance information, and the like, are completely removed. Once such information is generated such that the same has been sufficiently de-identified pursuant to HIPAA, the same is then forwarded to the recipient set forth in the research agreement. Preferably, medical data is collected, de-identified and forwarded to the authorized recipient on a routine basis, which may preferably be either daily or weekly.

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John Mattera and The Mattera Reserve uses its own capital for investments allowing for substantial flexibility to choose when, where and why we want to invest and allows us to execute transactions in a timely manner for all parties.

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