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American Community Development Group Participates In Florida Regional Ex-Offender Re-Entry Summit Conference

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 4, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Community Development Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ACYD) is very pleased to have been invited as a participant among the several hundred attendees from the legal, judicial, law enforcement, agency, social service and program provider communities.

The Summit Conference, which occurred on the 28 and 29th of September, brought together those parties most interested in the reduction of criminal behavior by those returning from incarceration. This is better accomplished by the coordinated use of proven support services designed to restore individuals to productive taxpaying citizenship. According to John Folger, President of ACYD, "The additional benefit to the general population of Florida is the hundreds of millions of dollars in massive cost savings that these measures offer while also significantly reducing the crime rates in those areas where they are being adopted."

American Community Development Group, "The Company," was founded to offer financial support and management guidance to the nonprofit community; including organizations struggling to provide support to economically distressed citizens. "We are excited to work with other groups in expanding our resources to benefit the lower-income and rehabilitated population of the United States," stated John Folger, President of American Community Development Group. "We are currently acquiring interests in multi-family homes, affordable housing, and other high occupancy commercial real estate properties, all while helping members of our community," he continued. "This approach sits well with both the community and our shareholders."

The second focus of The Company is to create jobs suitable to these same disadvantaged citizens, further supporting social well being and entrepreneurship. "With the economy's continued downward trend, American Community Development will continue to fill the need to help the increasing impoverished population," Mr. Folger added, "We are very active within the philanthropic community and plan to use our resources to assist the underprivileged population."

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About American Community Development Group

American Community Development Group (Pink Sheets:ACYD) is a hybrid social business model founded by a group of experienced professional managers and principals that acquire or fund businesses, consult with the nonprofit community, and purchase real estate and affordable housing properties for the purpose of housing and employing individuals and families in crisis or challenge. The properties include single and multi family homes, apartments, hotels, and mobile home parks. The Company intends to control over 1000 units, housing 6000 persons, by the end of 2012.

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