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DeJoria Brings Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry to the US

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LONDON and LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- John Paul DeJoria, the US billionaire most famous for creating such businesses as Paul Mitchell salon hair care, John Paul Pet and Patron Spirits, has today announced his UK-based online, upscale, conflict-free diamond company, DeJoria Diamonds, which he co-founded with his British business partner Jonathan Kendrick in 2003, has launched in the US as .

Designed to deliver the best possible value across the widest range of ready-to-wear and customizable upscale diamond jewelry, DeJoria provides highly personalized customer service and only sells ethical 'conflict-free' diamonds.

"We originally launched DeJoria Diamonds in England in 2003 offering a complete end-to-end diamond-buying service to include education and information on diamonds themselves as well as providing independent valuations and full certifications on all the jewelry we make for our customers," said DeJoria.

"We have steadily built the UK business to the point where we know we can continue to develop our flawless reputation, earned in England, right here in the US."

Unlike most jewelry sold in US retail stores, DeJoria Diamonds sources all its ethical diamonds, individually, in Europe and has dedicated craftsmen to create the finished jewelry at the world-famous Jewelry Quarter in Birmingham, England, complete with British Hallmarks stamped into the gold and platinum used. In addition, DeJoria provides independent valuations and full certifications on its jewelry.

"We aim to provide a fantastic buying experience from start to finish for all our customers as we recognize the process of buying an engagement ring or a piece of diamond jewelry to celebrate an anniversary, for example, is an incredibly important purchase for most people, both financially and emotionally," DeJoria continued.

The British Hallmark system is more than 700 years old.  Instigated as law in England by King Edward I in 1300, Hallmarks were introduced to protect buyers of, and legitimate traders in, precious metals.

A further innovation to online diamond retail introduced by DeJoria has been its 'Real Vision' 3D modeling technology which enables the customer to 'see' online how a particular size and style of diamond ring would actually look on their finger.

"Through providing our customers with such assurances as independent valuations, certifications and British Hallmarks, coupled with such technologies as Real Vision, we are able to give our customers a much more complete understanding and involvement in the process of buying diamond jewelry," added DeJoria.

DeJoria Diamonds is managed in the US by celebrated Houston-based jewelry designer Ernesto Moreira, who said, "I am delighted and honored to be working with John Paul on building what we believe will become a major provider of the upscale online diamond jewelry market through working closely with our customers to ensure they receive the finest jewelry at the best prices possible."

John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick are co-founders of UK-based mobile entertainment, technologies and applications company, ROK.

CONTACT: ROK Global Bruce Renny +44 (0)1902 374 896