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Bear with us: Ore. firefighters tackle tree rescue

/ Source: staff and news service reports

Firefighters in Bend, Ore., are trained for rescues — apparently even for those involving a 300-pound black bear passed out 60 feet up a tree.

Police said the bear was knocking over trash cans and making other mischief Monday night in a city neighborhood before it scrambled up the tree.

  that Fish and Wildlife workers went to remove it and shot it with multiple tranquilizers because of its size.

After the bear nodded off, two firefighters climbed up and put harnesses on it, then slowly and carefully lowered the bear to safety.

Bend fire engineer Tom Edwards told the TV station it all went well.

This is the second such removal in the area in a week. KOHD-TV reported last week that Bend residents reported seeing a small bear scampering through yards in a subdivision. Authorities tranquilized the 50 pound, 1 1/2 year old animal and released it back into the wild last Monday.

"They are looking for food, and breeding season is coming," the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Corey Heath told KTVZ of Wednesday's incident. "So it's not a pattern, but it's unusual for Bend to have two in a week."

The sight also suprised Bend residents, who couldn't believe what they saw.

"I thought it was a really big porcupine," Philip Pohl told KTVZ on Tuesday. "My wife and I stepped out on our deck and got a better look and were like, 'That's a bear!'"