Rand Paul knocks Bill Clinton over Lewinsky scandal

Image: Rand Paul
Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul speaks during a debate with Democrat Jack Conway at Northern Kentucky University on Monday.David Kohl / AP
/ Source: Politics Daily

Rand Paul hit back hard at Bill Clinton on Monday, making a crack about the former president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky after Clinton attacked the Senate candidate's ideas as "radical."

Clinton was in Kentucky stumping for Paul's opponent, Jack Conway, who he called "a practical progressive common-sense moderate who has actually done things and actually has a plan."

He contrasted Conway with Paul by describing the Tea Party favorite as "a man with radical ideas and no record to back it up," The Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Paul wasted no time responding, dismissing Clinton's trip to Kentucky as irrelevant.

"I'm not sure I would trust a guy who had had sexual relations with an intern," Paul said. "I mean, do you think he's an honorable person?"

And he didn't stop there.

"They complain they want all these workplace rules," Paul said. "Do you think there ought to be a law against having, using the prerogatives of your position and your power of your job, to have relations with an intern? I think that's disgusting. It gets to the point where we discount what he says. He showed himself less than honorable in office."

Paul and Conway are locked in a tight battle for the Kentucky Senate seat.