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Have Fun While Studying Excel? Innovative Platform Used by Google and PlayCore is Breaking Software Learning Tool Paradigms

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LEWES, Del., Oct. 12, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Excel Everest announced a full launch of its unique interactive education program that provides a hands-on Microsoft Excel learning experience. Excel Everest is the first Excel tutorial that was created and operates entirely inside a spreadsheet – including videos, animations and lessons that are immediately reinforced by real-life examples and practice scenarios. The goal is simple – to deliver a learning product in an entertaining format.

The program has already been recognized and adopted by a number of companies including: Google, PlayCore, Hymans Robertson Financial, Association for Learning Technology, and many others. It has also received a great degree of interest from colleges and K12 schools that are looking for effective ways to introduce Excel courses into their curricula.

The standard way of learning software programs involves either reading books or watching video tutorials, which leave many users unenthused and impede the learning progress. Integrating an entire course inside Excel is a leap forward in interactive and immersive learning.

Learning Excel may not seem like an exciting activity. However, Excel Everest is anything but boring. The program presents the information in a whimsical way allowing the users to escape the dread of a traditional course and learn Excel while having fun. From creative exercises to special features such as a "fun button," that triggers a dancing bear to jitter across the screen, Excel Everest is full of positive reinforcements which encourage user engagement. Users also receive real-time feedback on their progress through grades and badges at certain milestones.

Sean Duffy – the founder of Excel Everest says – "Research shows that 94 percent of professional spreadsheets contain errors. The cost of such errors is vastly underestimated. Organizations and individuals have struggled addressing this problem because learning Excel properly can be time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. With Excel Everest, we sought to build an entirely new type of an educational resource. Our goal was to immerse and entertain users through a paradigm shifting and innovative experience. I am happy to say that the course has been extremely well received. There has been a wealth of positive feedback from companies and individual professionals and we are planning to continue introducing new features and custom modules."

The course covers Excel versions 2003-2010, includes over 40 topics and contains hundreds of exercises and videos all targeted at one thing – helping people master Excel.

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