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Cleaning up on the West Coast: Hatton Marine Partners With EcoEmissions Systems

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 13, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hatton Marine, a major supplier of maritime vessel service and maintenance in the Seattle area, has begun to install EcoEmissions System's (ECO) fuel-saving, emissions-reducing Catalyst Injection SystemTM (CISTM) on marine diesel engines. This will, with every installation, save owners money on fuel, maintenance as well as significantly reducing emissions.

Now a convert, Roger Hatton was initially skeptical about the Catalytic Injection SystemTM (CISTM) when approached by EcoEmissions Paul Masson in March 2009. A system that could be installed easily, reduce pollution emissions, save money on fuel and pay for itself in months with those savings. It seemed too good to be true!

"Frankly, I didn't believe him," Roger said. "But we happened to have a vessel scheduled for a major engine service and the owner agreed to do a test protocol with the catalyst injection system to verify ECO's claims."

The test ran over a period of 3100 hours of typical vessel usage commencing April 2009 and ending April 2010. Hatton Marine took 'before' photos of the inside cylinders, and installed new remanufactured heads. When the boat returned in April 2010 for servicing, Hatton removed several of the cylinder heads for inspection. The vessel engineer and the mechanics for Hatton were astonished – the soot reduction was obvious. In fact, the cylinders were actually cleaner than at the start of the test. The engines ran cleaner and cooler. The engineering crew of the Spirit of Endeavour also confirmed that the amount of soot that they had to clean off the deck was greatly reduced. Their customers' cruise experiences were enhanced as well, as there were no longer odors from the diesel exhaust.

Roger also checked if the client had saved fuel, another claim made by ECO about the CISTM. Kral Flowmeters were utilized to monitor fuel consumption, so the client was able to verify that they had saved almost 8% on fuel. After the cost of the CISTM system and the catalyst was deducted, the client saved approximately $16,400.00. Based on these positive results, the client commissioned Hatton Marine to install the CISTM on its other two vessels.

"Word is spreading," said Roger. "Our Facebook page is getting hundreds of hits on the EcoEmissions section. For every installation we do, we have a happy customer. They save money, pollute a lot less – and they are talking about it. We will get a lot busier, especially now, as vessels are coming in for maintenance. The perfect time to do a CISTM installation."

EcoEmissions Paul Masson is thrilled about the partnership with Hatton. "All of Hatton's mechanics are certified to install the CISTM. ECO's initial focus is on the maritime market and Hatton Marine has been in business since 1999 with a top-notch reputation. We work well together. With every CISTM installation Hatton completes, their clients save money and the West Coast air becomes a little bit cleaner. We also create ongoing revenue for Hatton Marine, EcoEmissions Systems and our investors. Cleaning up on the West Coast is just the beginning."

About EcoEmissions Solutions - EcoEmissions Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB:ECMZ) proven patented emissions-reducing Catalyst Injection System™ (CIS™) offers a global solution for diesel engines used in heavy industry and large marine applications around the world.

The pre-combustion system (the only patented system of its type in the world), injects a platinum-based catalyst (nano) solution into diesel engine cylinders producing a more complete burn of the diesel fuel. Simply installed without modifications to the engine itself, the results are more power, lower fuel consumption, dramatically reduced pollution and an extension of engine life.

The ongoing consumption and replacement of ECMZ catalyst as part of normal diesel engine operation, provides ECMZ with an ongoing revenue stream that increases with the number of engine units installed.

Eco's technology is patented, has further patents pending and is trademarked. For more information, please visit the SEC's EDGAR system or, send an email to or call 1 (877) 934-3735

About Hatton Marine: Located in the Seattle/Tacoma area, Hatton is the West Coast authorized distributor for GE Marine and Stationary engines and their technicians are qualified to work on all the major lines of marine engines. They are a certified servicing agent for John Deere, Cummins, Mitsubishi, Scania, Yanmar and Lugger. They also service a large number of marine generators and engine control systems including Northern Lights, Baldor, Onan, Kohler, and Governors of America. Hatton is known for their wide scope of expertise in marine propulsion and power generation systems. They service a wide range of fishing vessels, workboats, tugs, ferries, large pleasure craft and larger luxury yachts.


CONTACT: EcoEmissions Solutions, Inc. 1 (877) 934-3735 (877) 9-DIESEL