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Re: Tale of the tape on Howard Dean

Readers defend Dean


Name: Pat Dusenbury
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

I just read that NBC news has analyzed all of Howard Dean's appearances on it since 1996, looking for inconsistencies and chanaged positions.  If you are a fair and impartial news organization, you must be preparing a similar analysis for all the other Democratic contenders.  And most of all, you must be analyzing all George bush's policy statements - as governor of Texas and since becoming president.  I look forward to seeing the results.

Name: Tom Farnsworth
Thanks for a reasonably objective view of MODERATE Howard Dean and the general clarity and consistancy (then to now) of his perspectives on the world.  Recognizing that "worm's eye" views of campaigning candidates will accentuate the inevitable wobble of opinions, questions/responses, and debates, it's reassuring to me that this candidate has a broad and well-considered perspective of both economic and political issues (domestic and international).  Think back and compare that to the 1999 Republican candidate now in the White House, and his background and perspectives as governor of Texas - who's better equipped to step into the Oval Office?

Name: Robert Weeks
More unmitigated garbage from the media who will stop at nothing to get rid of Howard Dean. Why don't you give equal scrutiny to everything all of the other candidates have said over the course of their career? Why did the media give Bush a pass on all of his screw-ups in the last election and jump all over Gore for things he didn't even say? This is garbage journalism at its lowest.
I pledge to boycott NBC and all their affiliates and sponsors, the American people will send a message to the media that we will not stand for this anymore.

So you say NBC has slogged through 90 hours of Dean interviews. (Story at Have you truly matched that effort to find something on his rivals? If not, why not? Has NBC become influenced by Democratic elites who prefer, say, Clark? It's certainly starting to look that way.

Name: Andrew Hollweck
Hometown: New York City

NBC's obvious investigative wherewithal when digging up Howard Dean's comments about the Iowa caucuses must be turned instead to more substantive tasks, like reviewing national tax policy and the nation's involvement in Iraq.
To impose such unprocessed factoids on the public do nothing to reveal the character of this presidential candidate. Meanwhile NBC blithely gives a pass to an administration wreaking havoc on our economy and on the world by bad public policy.  There are no limits to meaningful, damning quotes from them.  But you're not looking for these, are you?
Do a news story on who has gotten a tax cut.  My family has not, and we have a half-trillion dollar debt to show for it.