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Re: Report: U.S. 'negligence' killed journalists

Danger comes with the territory


Name: Frank Strelchun
Hometown: Canaan, CT

RE: "Military negligence blamed for attack on Journalists"
As a soldier in combat you protect yourself and your comrads. I remember those early pictures and it could easily appear that fire was coming from the journalists' hotel. Journalists are not above scrutiny, and their harboring enemy troops would be consistent with their pro-Saddam writing.  "As a being is, so it acts."  The sniveling cowardice of some journalists using U.S. military protection to cheat on that protection by "writing aid and comfort" for the enemy is treachery of the worst order and is worthy of no sympathy. On the other hand are some journalists just cry babies wanting all to go their way with even privilged treatment? If that is the case give them a crying towel and don't waste your time with such nonsense stories unless you want a crying towel too because things didn't ideologically meet your expectations.

Name: Robert Hottinger
Hometown: Fishersville, Virginia

The news articles about the journalists being killed and putting blame on U.S.:  People must remember we are in a war situation and these journalists, in my opinion, should not be there to begin with. They should know the risks. I am a Vietnam veteran and if we had been able to fight we could have won, why is there any blame when you know the possibility of this happening is very high. There is no one to blame but the journalists for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Name: Robb Fox
Hometown: Charlestown, NH

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) wants the U.S. held responsible for journalists' deaths during war in Baghdad?  This is absurd. Journalists rush into areas of conflict to scoop the story knowing very well they can easily become caught in crossfire. Crossfire is exactly what killed the two journalists on April 8 at a Hotel in Baghdad. Even more absurd is the RSF's criticism of U.S. authorities that "This first version of events became the official version and was a lie by the authorities."  The U.S. fired back after being fired upon, journalists died, and now the U.S. is being criticized for giving an explanation and not wavering from it. If the RSF admits they don't believe that the U.S. deliberately targeted the journalists in the hotel, where exactly is the lie? The only thing not absurd in all this, the RSF is based in Paris.  Need I say more?