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American Rare Earths & Materials Announces Its Entry Into the Industrial Market for Rare Earth Metals

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Nataliya Hearn, CEO of American Rare Earths & Materials, Corp. (OTCBB:AREM) (the "Company"), announced a series of MOUs that expand the company's ability to process and distribute Rare Earth metals for new markets. These markets will now include industrial applications for automotive, electronics, logistics, power transmission, shipbuilding, transportation, and other industries.  Prior to today's announcement, American Rare Earths & Materials held an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute patent protected Super Alloys of the Rare Earth metal scandium for the sporting goods industry. Today's announcement extends that license and also provides the company with an exclusive license for proprietary extraction technologies.

American Rare Earths & Materials announced the MOU together with Advanced Light Alloys Corporation, a scientific development and intellectual property holding company. Advanced Light Alloys Corporation holds U.S. Patent 5,597,529, which is an alloy system patent that covers the addition of scandium into an aluminum alloy, and U.S. Patent 5,620,652 which covers the use of scandium for 29 different applications where aluminum alloys are in use today including sporting goods, automotive, electronics, transportation, and other industries.

The aerospace sector in United States represented sales of U.S.$ 214 Billion in 2009. Worldwide, the next 20 years, commercial aircrafts construction is estimated to reach U.S.$ 3.2 Trillion in order to keep pace with the growing demand for air travel.

Dr. Hearn stated, "This announcement represents a new milestone in our company. We are expanding from a Rare Earth metals company that manufactures and distributes products for consumer markets – to a provider of Rare Earth metals for industrial markets. This means large new industrial customers and applications." The company is currently in discussions with several companies and expects to announce new strategic relationships with industrial customers.

"In addition, today's announcement will begin the process of providing a new alternative source of Rare Earth metals to North America," stated Dr. Hearn. Today's announcement covers proprietary Rare Earth metals extraction technology. The company is exploring several different opportunities to deploy this extraction technology and provide additional supply of Rare Earth metals to the marketplace. Rare Earth metals have become a critical strategic resource for the United States as China has this week expanded its embargo of Rare Earth elements to the United States and Europe.

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