TransAct Technologies Introduces the Groundbreaking EPICENTRAL(TM) Print System for Casinos

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HAMDEN, Conn., Oct. 21, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TransAct Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq:TACT), a global leader in market-specific printers for transaction-based industries, today announced the introduction of the EPICENTRAL™ Print System, a groundbreaking software solution for casinos that will enable promotional coupons and other messages to be printed to casino patrons while playing slot machines, thereby enabling the casino to communicate directly with the customer to further enhance the player's experience.

The new EPICENTRAL™ Print System – connected directly to TransAct's ServerPort™ device inside the slot machine – is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient software system that enables a casino to internally develop marketing programs and promotional coupons to be distributed to customers on a real-time basis at a slot machine. Importantly, the system will work with all existing slot systems and games as it is separate and distinct from the slot system itself. Thus, casinos can use the EPICENTRAL™ Print System to connect to any existing slot machine, regardless of the game's manufacturer or the casino's slot system, as long as the slot machine is equipped with a TransAct Epic 950® printer, thus protecting the casinos' investment in TransAct's printer. Casinos that do not currently have the Epic 950® in their slot machines can easily change out their existing printers and add the Epic 950® and ServerPort™ – giving them the capability to implement EPICENTRAL™. 

Through the use of the software system, casinos will have the ability to provide players with special drawing entries, real-time promotional coupons and marketing messages, restaurant meals, show tickets and hotel rooms, among many other possibilities. Essentially, the casino will be able to utilize the system to create multiple promotions and incentives to either increase customer time spent on the casino floor or encourage additional visits. In addition, the EPICENTRAL™ Print System supports two-color printing and contains multi-language support for any casinos looking to take advantage of these additional features.

"Through our relationships with our casino clients, we have developed what we believe to be a true win-win software product that not only enhances the customer experience but will be utilized by casinos around the world to drive more play, increase revenues and improve customer loyalty," said Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TransAct Technologies. "The EPICENTRAL™ Print System will allow casinos to directly and in real time reach out and communicate with their customers with as many marketing and promotional messages as they can create. The system is cost-effective for the operators and connects directly to our printer, meaning that in-house marketing departments and programmers will have the ability to create all of their coupons and promotions internally." 

Mr. Shuldman continued, "We look forward to our official launch at G2E in Las Vegas in mid-November where we will demonstrate the system's many capabilities, as well as its ease of use and installation. All casinos around the world can utilize the system as the software is written to provide both English and Chinese characters."

The Key Features of EPICENTRAL

EPICENTRAL Coupon Layout Generator

The process starts with the EPICENTRAL™ Coupon Layout Generator which allows the casino's marketing team to easily design and save any number of coupons or promotions to be used later on the slot floor. The system enables the user to import logos or other graphics onto the coupon and to create and embed common barcode types which enable casinos to track who is using their coupons and the effectiveness of these new marketing programs. 

EPICENTRAL Server Manager

Once these coupons or promotions are created and saved, they are sent to the EPICENTRAL™ Server Manager. At this point, the casino decides to which individual slot machine or group of slot machines these coupons or promotions should be sent.   The EPICENTRAL™ Server Manager will be loaded with the location or IP address of every slot machine on the casino floor, allowing the ability of targeted or blanket messages to occur.

TransAct ServerPort

Once completed, the coupons are sent to individual or multiple slot machines by communicating directly to TransAct's ServerPort™ device using TCP/IP technology. TransAct's ServerPort™ device holds the IP address – instead of the printer – as the device is mounted inside the slot machine. This feature is an advantage for the casinos as it eliminates any new programming or resetting of the IP address if the printer is removed or changed, allowing casinos to tie the IP address to the slot machine.

"For casinos to implement this groundbreaking system, all they need to do is add a ServerPort™ device to their Epic 950® printers, and then start to design and implement their many marketing programs. Once the ServerPort™ has been added, the casino will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the EPICENTRAL™ Print System and will quickly see the difference and competitive advantage it will provide by having their players spending more time at the slot machines, making additional trips to the casino or making incremental purchases of products or services throughout the property," concluded Mr. Shuldman.

The EPICENTRAL™ Print System will make its debut at the G2E Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 16-18 at TransAct's exhibitor booth. For supplementary material that discusses the EPICENTRAL™ Print System in further detail, please visit TransAct's website at .

About TransAct Technologies Incorporated

TransAct Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq:TACT) is a leader in developing and manufacturing market-specific printers for transaction-based industries. These industries include casino, gaming, lottery, banking, kiosk and point-of-sale. Each individual market has distinct, critical requirements for printing and the transaction is not complete until the receipt and/or ticket is produced. TransAct printers are designed from the ground up based on market specific requirements and are sold under the Ithaca® and Epic product brands. TransAct distributes its printers through OEMs, value-added resellers, selected distributors, and direct to end-users. TransAct has over two million printers installed around the world. TransAct is committed to world-class printer service, spare parts and accessories required by a growing worldwide installed base of printers. Beyond printers, TransAct is a leader in providing printing supplies to the full transaction printer market. Through its TransAct Services Group, TransAct provides a complete range of supplies and consumables items used in the printing and scanning activities of customers in the hospitality, banking, retail, gaming and government markets. Through its webstore, http:// , and a direct selling team, TransAct addresses the on-line demand for these products.  TransAct is headquartered in Hamden, CT. For more information on TransAct, visit or call 203.859.6800.

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