Integral Systems Provides Real-time High Definition Full Motion Video Over IP

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

SAN DIEGO and COLUMBIA, Md., Oct. 26, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integral Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq:ISYS), announced today at the International Telemetering Conference 2010 (ITC 2010) that RT Logic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, has introduced the Telemetrix® 500 Full Motion Video Over IP System (T500FMV). The T500FMV transports visually lossless Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) full motion video over IP with minimal processing latency. Bandwidth efficient H.264 compression enables customers to leverage their existing infrastructure for video relays.

Applications requiring the transport of full motion video data across IP-based networks benefit from accomplishing end-to-end transport in the shortest possible time. Typical examples include any application in which an operator-in-the-loop views full motion video from remote unmanned system sensors to facilitate real-time control of the device. In "sense and avoid" situations, the remote operator's situational awareness depends on real-time, high-quality video for quick reaction, mission assurance and safety.

"The RT Logic T500FMV brings leading-edge performance and quality to remote control and surveillance applications," said Derek Jones, T500FMV Product Manager, RT Logic. "Industry standard H.264 compression enables the most efficient use of available network bandwidth."

The T500 family of systems is built on a non-proprietary server-based architecture, enabling seamless integration with GigE and 10-GigE networks. In addition to full motion video, the T500FMV optionally transports audio and other analog/digital data sources over IP – a "one-box solution" for customer's most critical data. If network reliability is a concern, the T500FMV's integrated record/replay capability protects critical data during network outages.

The T500FMV is well suited for applications that have limited network bandwidth and are sensitive to latency, such as manual video tracking of fast objects moving over changing terrain. The appropriate compression algorithm is configurable for the application. Raw video mode can also be selected to eliminate any compression artifacts and effectively eliminate latency. A choice of network protocols enables ready integration of the T500FMV into any network.

For additional information on the T500FMV Full Motion Video Over IP System or to view a demonstration, please visit RT Logic, at the International Telemetering Conference 2010 (ITC 2010), booth 802.


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