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Advanced Content Services, Inc.'s MTP Ventures Submits Offer for CopSwap Executive Team

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

FORT WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 26, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Content Services (Pink Sheets:ADCS) CEO Mark B. Newbauer announces today that the company has submitted an offer to Matt Newbauer of Fort Wayne, Indiana to serve as a Managing Member of CopSwap ( ), a social networking and guns and ammo auction/sales site for sworn officers across the country. As well, the company is in talks with CopSwap co-founder, Jon Horne, to bring him on as a company consultant and marketing associate to ensure streamlined permeation nationwide.

Matt Newbauer, a Fort Wayne Police Officer for well over a decade, has been passionate about CopSwap since the concept was first initiated by fellow police officers circa 2008. CopSwap was then acquired by ADCS's MTP Ventures with plans for high-end design, interface and expansion of application. 

When ADCS CEO, Mark B. Newbauer, began talking about the company's plans, his brother Matt was an obvious contender for the position. "It has always M TP Ventures' plan to have a police officer helming the company," says Mark Newbauer, "including talks with one of the site's founders, Officer Jon Horne, who has stated interest to serve as an executive with our team. We feel both Jon and Matt will be excellent additions to CopSwap and will aid significantly in expediting the site's launch, which is currently in its initial backend programming phase."

CopSwap is currently undergoing a private beta and is expected to launch its public beta in early 2011. MTP Ventures pushed the release date from spring 2010 to allow for larger concepts to be implemented into the site upon launch, including zip-code based FFL (Federal Firearm Licensed) dealer locator for safe, compliant and convenient pickup and delivery in regards to firearms sales. 

"We expect the business to become profitable within its first 3 months of operations with projects to be released in the near future along with site feature breakdowns and private beta updates with strategic sneak peeks for public view along the way," states Mark B. Newbauer. "A recent article () gives a great overview of firearms sales market, which we'll be participating in like no other site: Rafn, the portfolio manager at Morgan Dempsey, estimates that the retail firearms business generates $2.5 billion to $3 billion a year in the U.S. "Obviously it's not like semiconductors. It's not a high-growth industry," Rafn said. "But it certainly is a very stable industry." Historically, he said, the U.S. gun industry produces 4 million to 7 million units. "You're pushing upward of 8 to 9 million units the past few years.

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