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Imagin Molecular Corporation, Now, Introduces the GREENEST Bottle on the Planet at the K-Show in Dusseldorf

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

CALGARY, Alberta, Oct. 29, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The PLANET BOTTLE Corporation (new name for Imagin Molecular Corporation which trades on the OTC – BB under symbol IMGM.OB) (OTCBB:IMGM) is, this week, introducing to pre-form manufacturers, plastic bottle blowers, recyclers and mainly brand owners an entirely new concept of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles. The PLANET BOTTLE calls it "The GREENEST Bottle on the Planet". The K-Show has 250,000 attendees all plastic industry professionals, all searching for the newest idea.

The GREENEST Bottle on the Planet has three components:

1)      It is made from 100% rPET that is bottle-to-bottle recycled PET plastic. Only a few bottlers globally have converted to 100% rPET. PET is #1 in recycling stream.

2)      The plastic bottle contains Reverte™, a masterbatch additive developed by Wells Plastics of the UK that renders the bottle oxo-biodegradable in landfills or the environment over 10-20 years.

3)      It has an oxo-biodegradable peel-away label with messages on both the inside and outside of the label; a message may be the story of the 25-year history of oxo-biodegradability of plastics or perhaps the message of a PINK bottled water fundraiser for breast cancer.

Eleanor Reynolds, President of The PLANET BOTTLE stated, "We are overwhelmed with interest on the GREENEST Bottle on the Planet. The consumer is demanding an eco-solution to plastic bottles. The backlash against plastic bottles caused a 4% drop in PET plastic bottles last year however rPET plastic bottles experienced a 37% year-to-year increase. The train is pulling out of the station! There are 400 billion PET plastic bottles filled annually and only 100 billion are recycled; our oxo-biodegradable PET bottle technology is gaining momentum among brand owners. Our peel-away label will also oxo-biodegrade but it will further carry an eco, a fundraiser or a contest message on the inside of the label that will induce the consumer to remove it and set it up as recycling friendly."

The GREENEST Bottle on the Planet will be identified by our The PLANET BOTTLE logo. Just like NutraSweet did for sugar free, when the consumer sees The PLANET BOTTLE logo, they buy the product, largely because of the eco-responsible concept of drinking from The GREENEST Bottle on the Planet. We are targeting the 300 billion PET plastic bottles that are discarded annually to landfill or the environment. The PLANET BOTTLE wants those bottles to eventually disappear.

For an update on its activities on becoming the GREENEST bottle on the Planet please visit Or follow us on twitter @theplanetbottle. Or contact Patrick Rooney, CEO by e-mail at and he will return your call.

CONTACT: The PLANET BOTTLE CORPORATION Administrative Office 1-888-941-9955 416-941-9955