Mundus Group Inc. Announces UAV Air Sampling Could Provide the First Early Warning System for Disease Control for Fungus, Microbe and Viral Monitoring of Large Populated Areas

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Considering National Security and Public Health, Mundus Group Inc. (Pink Sheets:MNDP) is looking to provide solutions to two (2) threatening scenarios: (1) an accident leaks a pathogen with potential to impact the food supply; or (2) a terrorist releases a biological agent in an act of aggression. In both cases, advanced monitoring and sampling systems would stand as the first line of defense in identifying the threat quickly, allowing responses to minimize the impact of the threat. Currently, thousands of monitors comprised of passive and active samplers can scan soil, air, and water for threats from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive agents.

Evaluation of the air for airborne fungi will yield information that may be helpful in preventing infection or determining the source of airborne opportunistic environmental fungi. UAV Aerial Sampling for airborne pathogens should be considered in areas where populations are at risk to infections from these opportunistic diseases.

One approach uses electrostatic precipitation technology to offer more collection efficiency and higher sampling volume. This design requires relatively low power and is inherently rugged and adaptable and can be applied to samplers that range in size from a few grams for very small unmanned aerial vehicles (micro-UAV).

The micro-organisms and their spores may produce health effects ranging from mild allergic reactions and asthma to brain abscesses and death. Airborne microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses are a threat to public health. Robust and real-time detection systems are necessary to prevent and control such dangerous biological particles in public places and populated areas.

Bio-aerosol sampler testing and validation perform a crucial role in serving public safety and national security. As demand grows for biological samplers to monitor air space over cities and unpopulated areas, the Mundus Group Inc. believes that UAVs will play a critical role in providing the most reliable, economic and environmentally safe delivery system capable of vigilant monitoring and the defense of human populations around the world.

The Mundus Group Inc. is positioning its VTOL UAV technology to grow exponentially as the value also increases for these testing devices over these next few years of the current UAV Revolution. The Mundus Group Inc. believes its technology and industrial drones will become a proven routine system that brings increased efficiencies and quality of life improvements in inner space in areas as diverse as, endangered species monitoring and preservation to search and rescue, surveillance, infrastructure inspection and disease control.

The above applications could in principle, may be managed by a Mundus UAV with a 22-lb payload capability.


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