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WASHINGTON, Nov. 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- INFORMATICA WORLD 2010 -- News Facts: Today at Informatica World 2010, Sohaib Abbasi, chairman and chief executive officer of Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), outlined the future advances of data integration beyond the traditional boundaries: beyond data warehousing, beyond traditional enterprise computing, beyond ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), beyond relational data and beyond Informatica.

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Abbasi showcased Informatica's expansive technology roadmap to advance the frontiers of data integration and enable the top customer strategies from business survival to business revival.

The Informatica technology value proposition is to power the data-centric enterprise:

-- Beyond Data Warehousing

  • Sohaib Abbasi stated, "The important lesson from the extraordinary experiences of the Great Recession and the recovery is a simple one: data matters. In fact, data matters even more in uncertain times of changes: changes in the global economy, industry consolidation and regulatory regimes. With relevant, trustworthy and timely data, organizations are better prepared to pursue their top business imperatives."
  • With the number one ranking in customer loyalty, Informatica has the track record of customer success to empower the data-centric enterprise.

-- Beyond Traditional Enterprise Computing

  • Abbasi continued, "The IT industry is undergoing the biggest change in 15 years. Cloud computing, social computing and mobile computing are changing the IT landscape forever. The value proposition of cloud computing is compelling: lower cost and better results. The challenge of cloud computing is daunting: to retain control over all the data, on-premise and off-premise in the cloud."
  • Informatica enables the hybrid, virtual enterprise computing platform, combining on-premise computing and cloud computing. Using Informatica, customers retain control over all their information assets, on-premise and in the cloud.

-- Beyond ETL

  • Abbasi further stated, "To empower the data-centric enterprise, organizations require a comprehensive data integration platform. Together, the Informatica data infrastructure and the Informatica information infrastructure deliver a comprehensive platform for organizations to gain more business value through trustworthy, actionable and authoritative information assets."
  • Informatica continues to advance the frontiers of data integration with the comprehensive, unified and open Informatica Platform combining best-in-class products in eight technology categories.

-- Beyond Relational Data

  • Abbasi stated, "Today, more data is being captured outside of a relational database than ever before. With social networking services, the innovations for data management and data processing are beyond relational databases. Relational database applications have improved productivity with business management applications.  Now, social networking services enable organizations to go beyond business management: brand management. For business management, the data is about transactions. For brand management, the data is about interactions."
  • Informatica's goal is to leverage new data, including social networking data. Customers can simply extend their existing Informatica skills to leverage data, even from social networking services.

-- Beyond Informatica

  • Abbasi states, "In the Informatica Marketplace, the data integration specialists can now promote their own creative ideas and utilize innovative contributions of others. By harnessing the power of the community, organizations will mitigate their own risks and deliver innovative solutions like never before."
  • Informatica launched the industry's largest marketplace, dedicated to data integration specialists. The Informatica Marketplace is an online community that connects vendors and individual developers to share data integration solutions.

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