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SANTA ROSA, Calif., Nov. 3, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The holiday season can make it challenging for people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Diabetes expert, Dr. Isaac Eliaz recommends prevention through a number of lifestyle changes and natural supplements.

The holiday season comes with a number of temptations – including sugary sweets, foods that are high in fat and calories, and alcoholic drinks – making it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. This time of year can make it especially challenging for people suffering from pre-diabetes symptoms (Metabolic Syndrome) and diabetes, to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Diabetes expert, Dr. Isaac Eliaz recommends prevention through a healthy, low-glycemic index diet combined with regular exercise, stress relief and supplementation with a variety of breakthrough compounds he developed to control diabetes and pre-diabetes from multiple angles. Maintaining Dr. Eliaz's recommended practices and supplementation throughout the winter months can help to balance blood sugar, increase your cell's insulin uptake, improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation, all of which are critical in preventing and controlling Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

From Halloween through New Year's Eve, the temptations are plentiful, and while it is reasonable to indulge your sweet tooth in moderation, consuming these items in excess can be potentially damaging for anyone's health, but especially for people struggling to control their blood sugar levels. Dr. Eliaz recommends setting limits on how many sweets you or your children eat to help keep your overindulgence at bay. Additionally, eating a small, healthy snack such as nuts or cheese prior to a holiday party will help to curb your appetite and prevent cravings.

Limiting your intake of alcohol is a key component to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. When people with diabetes drink moderate amounts of alcohol, it can cause blood sugar levels to spike. However, excess amounts of alcohol can actually decrease blood sugar levels, causing it to dip into hazardous levels. Drinking alcohol also stimulates your appetite, and when you are surrounded by the high-sugar and high-fat appetizers, snacks and sweets that are staples at holiday parties, you are at risk of overindulging on these treats. Overeating can result in high blood sugar levels, high triglyceride levels and increased blood pressure. It is important to remember to drink slowly, limit your intake of both alcohol and food, and avoid sugary mixed drinks, sweet wines, or cordials.

Exercise is essential in managing metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Simple daily exercises can help to improve your body's use of insulin, burn excess body fat, improve muscle strength, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress levels. Insulin is typically released from the pancreas when glucose levels rise, and it stimulates the liver and muscles to take in extra glucose. This causes blood sugar levels to fall. During exercise, the body needs energy in the form of glucose, so the muscles and liver release stores of glucose for fuel. Dr. Eliaz highly recommends yoga, as it not only improves physical health without putting severe strain on the body, but can also alleviate psychological and emotional stress.

To support healthy metabolic and blood sugar levels, Dr. Eliaz developed a comprehensive metabolic formula that is specially-designed for people who are concerned about maintaining normal glucose levels.  This formula can be taken consistently throughout the holiday season and contains a unique blend of ingredients to support healthy glucose levels, including Ayervedic and Chinese herbs, and medicinal mushrooms. These ingredients have been shown to help improve such metabolic symptoms as insulin resistance, fat and sugar metabolism, and cravings, and to lower overall blood glucose levels.

In addition to this metabolic formula, Dr. Eliaz also produced a comprehensive circulation formula to assist blood glucose metabolism. Along with the nattokinase, botanicals and nutrients in this circulation formula, one ingredient in particular, L-Carnitine, helps to increase insulin sensitivity and promote healthy fat metabolism. Properly supporting cardiovascular health with circulatory and antioxidant nutrients will ultimately benefit anyone who is struggling to maintain healthy glucose metabolism during the holiday season.

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