Anesthesia Staffing Consultants Expands Management Services Across Midwest Region

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Company's Unique Anesthesia Staffing Model Benefits

Community Hospitals & ASCs with Fluctuating Surgical Volume

BINGHAM FALLS, Mich., Nov. 9, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anesthesia Staffing Consultants, a full-service anesthesia management company specializing in serving Community Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers with fluctuating surgical volume, is proud to announce the expansion of its services to the entire Midwest region.

Anesthesia Staffing Consultants utilizes the largest network of cross-credentialed anesthesia providers in the Midwest to provide a unique staffing model that fluctuates with surgical volume – allowing Community Hospital and ASC partners to pay only for the anesthesia services they use.

"Conventional anesthesia staffing models are based on peak volume, but most Community Hospitals and ASCs experience large fluctuations in volume," says President Jim Scarsella. "Our ability to cross-credential staff with multi-site privileges means we can easily cover peaks while redirecting talent to other facilities during slow periods."

Founded in Michigan in 1991, Anesthesia Staffing Consultants has a proven record of lowering anesthesia costs, improving OR efficiency, and increasing case volume.  The company's clinicians fit in seamlessly as part of any facility's team, and the management staff's local payer market expertise commonly improves facility revenue upwards of 20%.

"We are concentrating on growing our services in the Midwest because we understand the community and culture," adds Scarsella.  "In this region, we are confident no one else can come close to providing the level of service and results that we've built our brand on for the past 20 years."

About Anesthesia Staffing Consultants

For the past two decades, Anesthesia Staffing Consultants has expertly handled all aspects of anesthesia management, providing exceptional clinical care and full-service department management, while building the Midwest's largest network of cross-credentialed anesthesia providers.  Our exclusive staffing model delivers flexible and reliable anesthesia coverage, and significant savings to our facility partner's bottom-line.     

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