BroadVision Evolves Its Enterprise 2.0 Platform for the "Social Business Cloud"

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 9, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:BVSN), a pioneer in e-business and enterprise social networking solutions, today announced a major evolution of its enterprise social networking platform, BroadVision® Clearvale. Among many new features – which include a range of innovations in product, pricing, and use-case scenarios – customers now have the ability to build their own businesses – and sell their own services – in the cloud using BroadVision Clearvale. This new business solution – dubbed Clearvale™ PaasPort – is a first for the Enterprise 2.0 market.

"Since we first introduced BroadVision Clearvale earlier this year, the response from the market has been huge," said BroadVision founder and CEO Dr. Pehong Chen. "Thousands of businesses all over the world today are using Clearvale to enhance engagement with employees, customers, and partners – all over the cloud. The new Clearvale, announced today, provides even greater muscle for companies who see the value of doing business on the web."   

Clearvale PaasPort – Companies Can Now Build their Own Businesses in the Cloud

As part of the new platform, BroadVision has introduced Clearvale PaasPort. Clearvale PaasPort enables companies to host their own installation of BroadVision's Clearvale enterprise social networking solution, enabling them to sell Clearvale solutions as well as premium services, to their own customers. Clearvale PaasPort is a platform-as-a-service solution provided to customers, who can deliver BroadVision Clearvale as part of a large package of services, or as a more specialized solution.

Clearvale PaasPort is unique in that it is the only enterprise social network that enables companies to build cloud-based businesses over a social layer. Softbank Telecom – the telecommunications giant in Japan – will be using Clearvale to provide customers with a number of different premium communication and collaboration services integrated into the new BroadVision Clearvale platform. It's all part of a larger initiative to use BroadVision Clearvale to communicate and collaborate across its entire ecosystem.

"BroadVision's vision of the 'social business cloud' – a world where employees, partners, and customers can freely connect and collaborate with one another – is both timely and compelling," said Ken Miyauchi, COO of Softbank Telecom. "With BroadVision Clearvale, Softbank Telecom will be able to significantly improve its ability to innovate and productivity across its entire business ecosystem."

MyStreams – Addressing Information Overload in the New Enterprise

Another major aspect of the new BroadVision Clearvale platform is the introduction of MyStreams, a personalized data stream management and filtering system. Realizing that one of the largest obstacles facing employees is the distraction of multiple streams of data competing for attention, MyStreams integrates a wide variety of data streams into one easy-to-use interface. While this includes data from within the Clearvale network – such as updates to wikis, blogs and forums – it is also built to include external data streams, such as email, voicemail, social media, IM, as well as streams from consumer social networks. All of these data streams are integrated into MyStreams and can be accessed and managed without ever having to exit Clearvale. MyStreams also allows users to easily share specific data with other users.

New Pricing Model Better Fits the Realities of "Cloud Economics"

Coupled with the release of the new Clearvale is an updated pricing plan designed to meet varying usage needs of companies of different sizes. Differentiating itself from the software pricing model – which typically is based on flat fees and presumed usage – BroadVision Clearvale pricing uses a pay-per-use model. Pricing is based on the number of users who actually sign in and use Clearvale, preventing customers from paying for users who don't actually sign in. This pricing plan allows customers to specify the number of users in their network. The new plan is flexible enough to allow more users to login then was originally specified, then customers can either increase the number of users on the plan or simply pay the difference.

"If you are a provider of cloud-based services, you should be required to provide pricing that better fits the realities of cloud economics," said BroadVision CMO Giovanni Rodriguez. "The new pricing model – along with MyStreams and Clearvale PaasPort – is just one of many things we've brought to market this year to better serve customers around the globe that want to retool themselves simply, quickly, and cost-effectively to expand do business over the cloud."

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