Reindeer Obsession? Hologram Rose Press Says Yes! And Proud of It!

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

PUYALLUP, Wash., Nov. 12, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hologram Rose Press begins a publishing life with books which are written with the publisher's reindeer obsession front and center. "Yes," says Publisher Rhonda Winchell Sharp,"we believe there are many other reindeer-loving readers in this world.They, too, will find our reindeer friends and their stories exciting, fun, and glorious additions to their children's reading lives."

The Nine Most Famous Reindeer of All

Author: Rhonda Winchell Sharp, Illustrator: Rena Vandewater ISBN:978-0-9800570-8-9, 28 Pgs

Numerous psychological studies show the importance of "recognition." The simple need to be "seen" and acknowledged. And can it be any different for Santa's reindeer? In The Nine Most Famous Reindeer of All, the eight reindeer humble in all ways, nonetheless, with Donder as their reinspokesdeer request that Henry Hoopla of We Make You Famous ask children everywhere to know just a wee bit more about them. After all, the reindeer "team" IS made up of The Nine Most Famous Reindeer of All! Soon, from the beaches of Hawaii where Donder surfs, to the comfy couch where Vixen writes her advice column "Reindeer and You~What We Can Learn From Each Other," the children of the world came to know that the reindeer are more than just the lumped together "eight tiny reindeer" that are overshadowed by the glorious red glow of the so-well known Rudolph. Who, the reindeer quickly add, is loved by all!

Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer~A Gardening, Harvest, & Christmas Tale to Live All Year Long

Author: Rhonda Winchell Sharp, ISBN:978-0-9800570-1-0, 22 Pgs

Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer has a mission, and it's an important mission. He is committed to teaching Santa's reindeer, and the rest of the world, to precycle, recycle, reuse, and reduce their impact upon the Earth. Rudolph enjoins the other reindeer to become as ecologically caring as it is possible to be, and to know that the veggie one brings forth with one's own hoof (or hand, if that is the case!) tastes ever so more delicious than one can even imagine. And so, the reindeer learn about composting, gardening, baking, and celebrate the joy of being green messengers of a way of living that brings a sense of achievement and community. And as the reindeer sing in their band Good Tilth™, "Good Tilth to you and veggie to all!"

About Hologram Rose Press

Rhonda Winchell Sharp believes in the power of books (mostly real books, that need paper and can be shared!) to change lives, remembering, as she does with such fondness, the books from her own childhood, which planted the small seeds of the "possibilities." A publishing professional, whose resume includes literary agent, ghostwriter, and book designer, Hologram Rose Press has only one goal: to create books that resonate with readers, that burrow into the heart and bring new ways of seeing the world and of seeing ourselves. The childrens' imprint of Hologram Rose Press is Tangerine Sheep Productions.

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