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A tribute to Jerry Nachman

A tribute to our editor-in-chief Jerry Nachman who died overnight of cancer at the age of 57.

You ask almost anyone in this building, or almost anyone who has been a mover and shaker in the news business, and he or she will tell you a Jerry Nachman story.  Why?  Because he's unforgettable.  He's the kind of guy who would give you a piece of advice you keep with you for life. 

My show was cancelled for a few months after the war and in truly Jerry-esque fashion, he told me “Do your thing, break some stories, don‘t complain.  I bet it everything works out.” 

Tough, gruff and straight, Jerry was a guy who made rules rather than followed them.  As I walked around the building today talking about Jerry, one thing is clear—he believed anything is doable with the right attitude.  He was one of the few people from the old school who both understood and appreciated the new cable medium.  Jerry wanted to break stories and discuss them in a way no one else had considered. 

Crime stories were his bread and butter.  He had law enforcement sources everywhere.  But for Jerry, they were more than just sources, they were his friend --people he‘d taught at courses around the country, people he drank with.  I was always envious of his ability to get on the phone on any story and have information in minutes.  But it was always reassuring to know we had Jerry on our team.  He‘ll be sorely missed as a leader and an inspiration. 

Jerry, I hope we can continue to make you proud.