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A tribute to Jerry Nachman

Jerry Nachman was the editor-in-chief here and vice president here, and until last year, host of the show that bore his name.  Jerry Nachman died last night at home after a year-long fight against cancer.

He had a remarkably varied career in this business: editor-in-chief for “The New York Post,” host of a nightly news program for the PBS station in Los Angeles, executive producer of Bill Maher‘s show, “Politically Incorrect,” writer for a network TV drama series, general manager of a television station in Washington, news director of two of them in New York, street reporter for an all-news radio station.  And since Jerry Nachman would want me to be journalistically precise rather than sentimental, that list contains only about half the jobs he filled.

Our boss here, Erik Sorenson, said something about Nachman that was just sentimental enough, while still being factually precise: His passion for news was contagious. Indeed, it was.  Jerry Nachman was 57 years old.