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Barbara Bush: Palin should stay in Alaska

Former first lady Barbara Bush says in a Larry King interview that she hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska.
/ Source: staff and news service reports

Former first lady Barbara Bush says she hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska.

In a preview for a Larry King interview to be shown Monday on CNN, former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, are shown addressing topics such as the Tea Party influence, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, and their son's book.

Asked for her read on Palin, Barbara Bush responded:

"I sat next to her once, thought she was beautiful and I think she's very happy in Alaska — and I hope she'll stay there."

Palin has been active in election campaigns, acknowledged she is looking at the possibility of a 2012 presidential bid and plans a promotion tour for her own book due out next week, "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag."

On the Tea Party, the one-term president said "they're all right" and some of their ideas make sense, but he's a bit confused by what the Tea Party really is or how members fit in "to get Republicans in Congress to do something."

The couple praised their son's book, "Decision Point," by former President George W. Bush. Barbara Bush said it is not a biography but how it is in the White House.