Ylang 23 Jewelry in Dallas Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

DALLAS, Nov. 22, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ylang 23 (formerly known as Ylang-Ylang) celebrates 25 years in business on November 23. Opening in 1985 as a hip and high end designer jewelry store, owners Joanne and Charles Teichman have stayed true to their vision of providing the most exciting breakthrough collections and a level of service which its clients find unmatched.

To celebrate Ylang 23's 25th anniversary, the Teichmans have made donations to their favorite charities and additionally, asked 12 of their designers to design an exclusive charm in honor of Ylang 23's 25th anniversary. Purchasing a limited edition of these original charms, Ylang 23 is selling them with all of the profits going to the six charities: North Texas Food Bank, Family Place, Vogel Alcove, Jewish Family Service, The Stewpot and St. Philip's School and Community Center. The Ylang 23 25 project over time is expected to raise $80-90,000 for the organizations.

As part of the 25th anniversary events, Ylang 23 has partnered with Polyvore to raise awareness of the charity charm collection with a Polyvore Challenge : Celebrate Ylang 23's 25th anniversary by sending them a card of congratulations using the charms collection. In its first day over 400 Polyvores were made.

This week, the Teichmans were honored by a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Fashion Group International Dallas.


Joanne and Charles Teichman opened Ylang 23 (then Ylang-Ylang) in Dallas in 1985 and in the late 80's they pursued hot American designers, focusing on those featured in fashion magazines and worn by celebrities and entertainers. 1997 marked a new beginning, when the Teichmans decided to pursue Cathy Waterman and other significant American designers and take the mix high end.

Today the Teichmans stay disciplined in buying and aggressively marketing those designers who are the originals. Besides Cathy Waterman, Ylang 23 carries Irene Neuwirth, Jennifer Meyer, Gurhan, Temple St Clair, Catherine Michiels, Paul Morelli, Todd Reed, Emily Armenta, Heather Moore, Alexis Bittar, Lucifer vir Honestus, Jamie Joseph, Annette Ferdinandsen, Ten Thousand Things, Virgins Saints & Angels, and many others.

Clients mix the diamonds of Cathy Waterman with Catherine Michiels charms on washed silk, with the common denominator being talent and a sensibility of fashion not being taken too seriously.

Ylang 23 launched its first web site in 2002 and in 2003 relaunched it as an e-commerce site. Today Ylang23.com is a go-to destination not only for those seeking exclusive designer jewelry, but to stylists and fashion editors. Joanne Teichman is an active participant in Social Networking with her blog Joanne's Eye ; Facebook ( Ylang 23 ) and Twitter ( @Ylang23 ).

Quotes Joanne Teichman: "We did not invent the word 'fashionista' but believe the word was invented for us. Our clients have a natural ability to put it together, whether it be Chanel or Gap (or the two together), Cathy Waterman, Jennifer Meyer, or a rare day stripped of all jewelry, which is fine by us."

Joanne and Charles changed their store name in 2004 to Ylang 23, as they met on the 23rd, were engaged on the 23rd and were married on the 23rd. Coincidentally, the 25th anniversary of the store has been planned for November 23 when the Teichmans celebrate 30 years of marriage.

CONTACT: Ylang 23 Joanne Teichman 1.866.952.6423 13350 Dallas Parkway Suite 1300 Dallas, TX 75240