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Re: MSNBC Chief Jerry Nachman Dies At 57

Fans and admirers mourn journalist's passing

Re: MSNBC Chief Jerry Nachman Dies At 57

Name: Sharon Hill
Television has lost a real first class broadcaster.  I was so shocked to learn of the death of Jerry Nachman; heard it yesterday on MSNBCtv.

When he spoke, I listened.  He was credible.  He was real with no frills.  And had I known of his prior awards, it would have made sense that he had me hooked:  he was in a class by himself. When I was a child, I remember watching Edward R. Murrow and actually "liking" the news.

Jerry Nachman had that same ability as Murrow -he spoke to the common person in common language.  In these times that is a rarity indeed.  News reporting will not be the same without Jerry Nachman.  He will be sadly missed.

Name: Dave Franklin
I was interviewed by Mr. Nachman in the summer of 2002, on his MSNBC show entitled, appropriately enough, "Nachman."  My subject matter often borders on the silly, and "serious" journalists occasionally assail it with a sort of pseduo disdain.  But Jerry understood the underlying humor, and handled the matter with an appropriate wink and a nod.  He was a real class act - a credit to his field.  He even sent me a little thank you note after the interview.  The world would be a better place with more like him, and we're all a bit worse off in his absence.  Here's to you, big fella.  Rest in peace.

Name: Kay Magee
Hometown: Diamondhead, MS

I will miss Jerry Nachman.  I am saddend to hear of his death.  He made the news interesting and exciting.  I always looked forward to seeing him.  I just wished I had emailed him and let him know how much I enjoyed his show.  My prayers to his family and MSNBC.

Name: George Petheriotes
Hometown: Houston, TX

My condolences on the loss of Jerry Nachman.  I always stopped to listen whenever I saw him on the air.  Although I only knew him from seeing him on MSNBC what I saw was a dedicated newsman who pulled no punches and told it to you straight.  No fancy talk or political correctness, just a hardworking people's newsman.  He will be greatly missed.
Again my deepest sympathy to his family, MSNBC, and the news world as a whole.  I will miss you Jerry.

Name: Dave Freed
I wanted to express my condolences to the family of Jerry Nachman and to the entire MSNBC staff.  Jerry was a great presence and a wonderful reporter.  Unfortunately, people of his class and integrity are a rare breed in news coverage these days.  He will be missed.

Name: Bob and Eileen
Hometown: Lucerne, CA
Please extend our sincere feelings from the heart to the family and friends of Jerry.  Journalism has lost a great pioneer.

Name: Mel Gotschall
Hometown: Longwood Florida

I deeply regret the passing of one of my favorites, Jerry Nachman.  I enjoyed his reporting so very much.  He will be greatly missed.  He was one of a kind.

My condolences to his family members and to all of his many friends.  I am very saddened.

Name: Matt Moody
Hometown: American Red Cross -- Nashville Area Chapter

My deepest sympathies regarding the passing of Jerry Nachman.  He was a class act and one hell of a journalist.

Name: Mr. M.
What a tragic loss, the passing of Mr. Nachman.  Ever the consummate newsman, he looked as if he stepped right out of Central Casting.  Not a professionally coifed, Armani-draped, "pretty-boy" news reader, to me he was the personification of what a "real" newsman should be.

Mr. Nachman was unique, and delivered a from-the-heart honesty in his reporting that is a rarity in today's over-produced "infotainment" newscasts.  No disrespect intended towards other news persons, but while many would appear to be more comfortable getting a manicure and sipping gourmet water, my perception is that Mr. Nachman would be more comfortable with a scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other.

Edward R. Morrow and Jerry Nachman:  If there's a story in heaven, it will be covered superbly.