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Re: U.S.death Toll reaches 500 in Iraq

Not an insignificant loss
Three US Soldiers Killed By Roadsie Bomb In Iraq
TAJI, IRAQ - JANUARY 17: Iraqis celebrate, holding destroyed pieces of a U.S. Army Bradley Fighting Vehicle which was struck with a roadside bomb.  The bomb killed three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civil defense troopers who were on a joint patrol in the area. Mario Tama / Getty Images


Name: Carolyn Pyles
Hometown: Ky
U.S.death Toll reaches 500 in Iraq-Enogh is enough and in this case too much.  We need to bring our people home. Those people have fought forever and will continue to do so. And also the fact that American soldiers are being arrested for abuse to Iraqi prisoners is ridiculous. They are killing us and we are slapping them around.  Sound fair to you??  Bush needs to go and get someone in who can control the situtation.

Name: Donna Gilmore
Hometown: Saint James
What is wrong with the Iragis? Our U.S. soldiers are over there to help them rebuild and live a better life and they in turn blow up and kill our men.  I am sorry but this doesn't make sense to me.  Why are we there if this is the appreciation our soldiers get?

It must be awful on our men over there to see this kind of resentment toward us.  I do not have any loved ones over in Irag, thank God, but it still makes me sad, mad and confused as to why these people continue to assault the best thing that has ever happened to them, maybe they are slow learners, I don't know.

I guess I will pray for them and perhaps it will help them see more clearly and stop killing our men because it is really ticking me off.

Name: Sharon Queen, Nurse Practitioner
Hometown: Houston

Re: "US Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 500"  Please remember to include in your future reports that there have been 3000 service members wounded in this conflict. Permanent brain damage, amputation, and other tragic injuries will forever change the victims and their families. 

Name: Marj
Hometown: Southbury

In the article U.S. military death toll reaches 500 in Iraq, I find the statement that says that, U.S. officials state that the military offensives by the Iraqi insurgents to be militarily insignificant to be grossly insensitive and coldly inhumane given the continuing loss of life of our military serving in Iraq.  Clearly this administration must see this as "another statistic" in the realm of their objectives. The loss of human lives to them must be secondary.  I find it horrendous!

Name: John Westbrook
Hometown: Ellijay,GA

Snce last May when the hostilities ended I wonder how many people have died in the U.S. due to violence. This would be an interesting figure to use as comparison.  How many deaths due to drug disputes, due to misunderstandings, and finally rape and murder?

Name: Gary Ford, LTC, US Army, (Retired)
Hometown: Liberty, Missouri

"Militarily insignificant"?  This is the reason our troops give their lives?  Who on God's Earth would call anyone in the military, or for that matter, the military as a whole, "insignificant?"  EVERY loss of a military life is significant to someone.

Name: Mark
Hometown: Erlanger, KY
I am really tired of the "If it bleeds, the story leads" mentality of news reporting of the major outlets.

On the article entitled, "U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 500" I have this comment. I know that good things for the Iraqi people are being accomplished by the coalition forces. Please tell us about that!!

Name: M. Leach
Hometown: Edmonton

Can we have numbers for British troops in Iraq to compare?