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Re: Ex-Bush aide: Iraq invasion planned before 9/11

Sour grapes or government gone bad?


Note: The content of the page changed as the story updated, so some of what is referred to here is no longer in the story.

Name: Jeff
Hometown: Talbott, Tennessee

I think he did what was right he told the truth to the American people, which we don't get a lot of from this White House, with 19,000 documents to prove his story. I think it's time the people really take a long look at this administration and all of its attempts to keep things from the public such as the 9/11 investigation.  We the people want the truth and demand it!!!!  

Name: William Isenberger
Hometown: Seattle

Ex-Bush aide: Iraq invasion planned before 9/11
Should be the lead story. I find it hard to understand why news organizations aren't following this as if its a Watergate.  It should be topic number one that the American people were mis-lead into a war under false pretenses.

Name: Marilyn Walsh
Hometown: Sedr Woolley, WA
Re Paul On'Neil: Why is the media giving him so much attention?  Treat him for what he is, a disgruntled employee!

Name: D. Isbister
Hometown: Mansfield

Ex-Bush aide: Iraq invasion planned before 9/11
Under the heading: Bush supporters react, you write:

"O'Neill joined the Bush administration as a no-nonsense corporate executive. But he was fired in December 2002 because he opposed additional tax cuts sought by the president."

That is not accurate. O'Neil was asked to resign and did so. Should MSNBC be lying about the facts in its stories so it can do the Bush administration's bidding by trying to show Mr. O'Neill as being disgruntled because of his "firing"?

This is wrong. It is time for MSNBC and the rest of the electronic media to get off of Bush's bandwagon and stop protecting him by misleading the public.

Name: Heather Tolford
Hometown: Tillamook, OR

Please do not bury the O'neil story! I thougth that maybe it was just a sour grapes deal until I saw the 60 minutes broadcast.  The man has documented proof that the excuses Bush made for going into Iraq last winter were just part of a long term scheme! Is lying to the public grounds for impeachment?

Name: Harold Schnabel
Hometown: Furlong, PA
Regarding Paul O'Neil's comments on 60 Minutes-- SO WHAT!!!!! Bush took out a murdering tyrant.  Face up to it.  If Saddam didn't have WMD's, he certainly would have obtained them in the future.

AND let's not forget you media pundits were calling for O'Neil's head.

Name: Edwin R. Crump
Hometown: Huntsville

What is the matter with the media now.  We finally have proof from a person inside that the president has lied to the people repeatedly about Iraq and all of the reasons we needed to go in, and the media just gives him a free ride.  With the former president Clinton, a blow-job that hurt no one, got one's kids killed, and was none of the country's business is front page news.  What a joke this president is and what a joke the media is.

Name: Dawn Eason
Hometown: Hollister, CA
If O'Neil just walked out of the White House with 11K documents, what else did he walk out with.  Now this is a guy that needs to be investigated...

Name: Francis Scaramucci
Hometown: Hewitt, TX

I would not have good words to say about a person that fired me. In fact, I would bad mouth him. Thatis what O'Neal is doing. end of story.