Re: Naked walker crosses Britain — barely

Name: Terri Green
Hometown: Smithers, B.C. Canada

Personally I think that he can do whatever he wants as long as he is not out to harm anyone. Probably the judges in the courts are up to worse things than him.   Didn't Adam and Eve walk around with nothing on?  However, it might be a little chilly to do so in England this time of year.  Also I would never want to do that -call it my prudishness from my Catholic upbringing- and besides, NO ONE would appreciate it, or at least until I go for the ultimate plastic sergury show -what show is that and how do I request?

Name: D.R. Senior
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Naked walker crosses Britain:  And what is wrong with that if you have at least a decent body?  I am not so sure I would like to see a big fat man doing it.  If my body was decent I think I would do it.  There is nothig wrong with the human body and good luck to him.  That's all I can say.

Name: Jerry Besco
Hometown: Aurora, Illinois
In regard to Stephen Gough and his trek he raises an important point about humans in general.  With very few exceptions we hide our bodies mostly behind clothes of some sort or other, and when a human form is naked a sin is usually associated with it.  I've oftened thought that if the entire planet were nude, then and only then peace and acceptance would have a chance.

Name: Matthew D. Muir
Hometown: Carmichael, CA
I think the walker is a hero.  We obsess and obsess on whether this should be shown or that.  The human body is what God gave us, and it is a remarkable and beautiful machine.  Britain and the U.S. need to get rid of our repulsive victorian attitude once and for all!

Name: Jonnie
Hometown: St. Petersburg

Clothes make the man !!!!

Name: Jill
Hometown: Maryland
I think it's great.  So many people are selfconscious and this proves a big point.  Be who you are and be happy. :) Let's all get naked.

Name: William Sebastian
Hometown: Virginia Beach,Va.

Naked walker crosses Britain -barely:  I love what the guy did.  It all goes back to Adam and Eve.  If they didn't eat the frobidden fruit we would still be all naked today.  I love being naked.  I love nakedness. It's what we are.  And if you're ashamed of what you are, why are you living then?

Name: Garth MacGlasson
Hometown: Redlands

Huzzah to the "Naked Rambler" and God bless him.  Not everyone has the guts to take a stand against the ideals of the elite who push their beliefs on society about what is "proper."  Well done.

Name: Darien Eck
Hometown: Matlock, WA

Naked Walker Crosses Britain: Everyone is invited to speak openly concerning personal opinion publicly and this is right and good.  But it's quite another thing to FORCE your current opinions upon the public in the form of unwanted, unnessesary visuals and abusive or harmful actions. We also have the right to live without someone else's public nakedness.  Who says it's acceptable?  Did anyone bother to see if the guy needed psyciatric help?  There are meds for this!

Name: Lugh Schoonover
Hometown: Bisbee
Regarding the story of the former Royal Marine, who hiked nearly 900 miles across England in the nude, my hat's off to him, and to you for publishing the story.  We in the U.S. are far too worried about textile conciousness.  It's sad really, that the country with some of the best healthcare in the world is so unhealthy in its attitude about our bodies.  Kudos to everyone involved in helping this man and getting the word out about his courageous efforts to promote healthy body awareness!

Name: Anne-Marie Wallin
Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

Although I'm all for Stephen to walk Britain nude, I, for one, would not want to be in the situation of having to explain to small children or visiting relaives whats going on.  Know what I mean?  Hooray for free speech and nudity!

Name: Jan Franczuk
Hometown: Tecumseh
If he is so proud of his body then stand in front of a mirror.  It is wrong to show the body unclothed, unless in front of your spouse. Have some morals!

Name: Greg Hallstrom
Hometown: Roanoke, TX

It is sad that some people find nudity offensive either in England or here in the United States.  Nudist resorts are quite common here in Texas and other southern states and are growing rapidly in popularity even in the northern states.  I have been to several myself and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  No one thinks anything of the nudity there and everyone is very friendly and open.  Obviously, the people that do find nudity offensive are people who had a very prudish upbringing.  I applaud Steven Gough and his walk to promote public nudity.  Maybe some of us here in the States should do the same!

Name: Kanya Choonit
Hometown: Germantown, Maryland

I think it is not good to do something not acceptable or indecent for the sake of the many.  The human body is the image of God and also His temple.  We should respect our body for God's image.  I think he just wanted some attention, that's all.  Some people will go to the extreme to get some sort of attention.