OMG! Sexy Facebook Webcam Video is a Scam

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

A Facebook link claiming to show a girl caught by her dad during the making of a sexy webcam video is a scam, security experts warn.

Researchers at the security firm Sophos have observed videos making their way around the social networking giant with titles such as “OMG!!!! Girl Caught by Dad While Making Video on Facebook,” and “OMG!!!!! Girl Caught by Dad While Making a Sexy Webcam Video.”

The fraudulent videos appear to be sent by an actual friend, which gives them an air of legitimacy. When clicked on, the user is taken to a webpage called “Dad Catches Daughter Making a Sexy Webcam Video,” that even has a green check mark next to a line that reads, “Facebook has marked this application as safe.”

It’s a devious method, security experts warn, because the video is in fact corrupted, and clicking on it will allow a third-party application access to the user’s Facebook profile and other personal information.

This new webcam scam comes just days after a video began circulating around Facebook tricking people into opening a malicious link titled, "What are you doing in this video?"