Cytomedix Receives ISO 13485 and Canadian Medical Device Certifications

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GAITHERSBURG, Md., Dec. 7, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cytomedix, Inc. (NYSE:GTF) (the "Company" or "Cytomedix") today announced that it has received certification for the ISO 13485 Quality Management Standard for Medical Devices as well as Canadian Medical Device Certification for its Gaithersburg facility. The announcement certifies Cytomedix as a provider of high-quality devices for the medical industry and allows the Company to operate commercially in Europe and in Canada.

The ISO 13485 certification recognizes Cytomedix's compliance with medical industry standards. The ISO 13485 registration recognizes Cytomedix as a highly efficient, cost-effective and stable organization with advanced manufacturing processes to deliver product and service quality.

"Receipt of these certifications is the culmination of a great deal of cross-functional diligence and hard work by our employees. It is reflective of our mission to meet, if not exceed, all quality standards, and allows us to expand our global footprint and advance the international launch of our platelet rich plasma products," commented Martin P. Rosendale, President and CEO of Cytomedix. "Our customers in the medical industry understand the value of the ISO 13485 certification. We remain committed to the clinicians and patients we serve, and to continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system under which we operate."

About ISO 13485

ISO 13485:2003was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as an international quality management standard for medical devices. Manufacturers of medical electronics must be certified with ISO 13485 in order to secure global business contracts. ISO 13485:2003 supplements ISO 9001:2000 with additional requirements for the medical industry in the areas of design and process controls, special processes, traceability, record retention and regulatory actions.

Complete details of the ISO 13485:2003 standard can be viewed on the ISO website at .

About Cytomedix, Inc.

Cytomedix develops, sells and licenses regenerative biological therapies primarily for wound care, inflammation and angiogenesis. The Company markets the AutoloGel™ System, a device for the production of platelet rich plasma (PRP) gel derived from the patient's own blood for use on a variety of exuding wounds; the Angel® Whole Blood Separation System, a blood processing device and disposable products used for the separation of whole blood into red cells, platelet poor plasma (PPP) and PRP in surgical settings; and the activAT® Autologous Thrombin Processing Kit, which produces autologous thrombin serum from PPP. The activAT® kit is sold exclusively in Europe and Canada, where it provides a completely autologous, safe alternative to bovine-derived products. The Company is pursuing a multi-faceted strategy to penetrate the chronic wound market with its products, as well as opportunities for the application of AutoloGel™ and PRP technology into other markets such as hair transplantation and orthopedics while actively seeking complementary products for the wound care market. Cytomedix also seeks to monetize other product candidates in its pipeline through strategic partnerships, out-licensing or sale. Most notably is its anti-inflammatory peptide (designated CT-112) that has shown promise in preclinical testing. Additional information regarding Cytomedix is available at .

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