UK Challenges USA Cigarette Smokers to Compete With UK Safe Cigirex Smokers

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LAS VEGAS, Dec. 7, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cigirex Smoke-Off Challenge to save lives, stress, and free choice to smoke a new "avatar" electronic cigarette is cheering USA smokers to compete with the Brits in opting for the alternative "smoke anywhere" legal Cigirex product now sweeping the UK.

The Virtual challenge is part of the serious fun sponsored by Cigirex, and is more than a smoke dream come true for the millions of smokers in the U.S. Statistically an estimated 25.6 million men (25.2%) and 22.6 million women (20.7 percent) are smokers says the American Heart Association. Smokers are pilloried for smoking tobacco. They struggle with the social and health stigmas associated with their smoking habits.

Smokers can now retain their dignity and satisfaction by switching to a safer choice thanks to the new techno-science development of Cigirex, an electronic product without the twin evil ingredients: tobacco and tars. The "avatar" cigarette, identical in looks, tactile feel and with the "drag" release of a miniscule nicotine fix to avert withdrawal symptoms enhances the adult smoker's pleasure. It is a needed "fix" minus the addictive poisons, so Cigirex has proved useful, too, as an enabler to quitting the tobacco habit entirely by freeing up the nicotine hold on the body. The Cigirex simulated exhaled smoke adds an esthetic plus, a harmless water vapor that ensures a clean environment minus second-hand smoke pollution that harms non-smokers.

You're invited to visit the first Cigirex Smoke-Off Challenge to Cigarette Smokers by visiting . Cigarette smokers can now delight in a major technological breakthrough in the unique Cigirex product. Cigirex clamor gains momentum with an authentic brand to smoke minus the hazards    of nicotine-tars-residues build up.

Cigirex is electronic, a healthy non-tobacco alternative and paves the way for smokers to "lighten up", inhale the miniscule nicotine needed to prevent withdrawal symptoms, and enjoy the smoke-free environment beyond public smoking bans. The British love for Cigirex enjoys the endorsement of its Cancer Prevention Organization "Together" Award for launching a safe pleasure-smoke that promises to be a turning point in the life of every cigarette smoker. Enjoying Cigirex more, at a fraction of the cost of cigarettes, adds to the excitement of the new UK "invasion".

First UK invasion of The Beatles launched a media mania. The British love for Cigirex is now rivaled by US celebrities joining them. An A-list of anti-tobacco celebrities includes Paris Hilton, David Arquette (married to Courteney Cox), Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy). Non-cigarette-smoker David Letterman, fascinated with the electronic alternative to tobacco smoking said Heigl was on the right track. Julia Roberts has also been among staunch anti-cigarette-tobacco advocates in Hollywood.

Switching from conventional cigarettes to Cigirex has been a major game changer in Hollywood lifestyles. On or off the set, soundstages or public places one hears, "Fans love me and my Cigirex.  …We can "lighten-up' in any room, party, soundstage, recording studio…take a drag of a Cigirex and feel good. No tars-tobacco poisons to harm the body. The nicotine fix in a Cigirex is enough to quiet the nerves, stop the over-eating jags. Cigirex is good to go anytime anywhere." In celeb circles the cosmetic plus of smelling good and looking great, without second-hand smoke to make one a social pariah among non-smokers, has been a major game-changer. Electronic-Cigirex smokers are socially acceptable.

"Finally technology has caught up to the tobacco industry," notes Chris Falcioni, the Director of Sales USA for Cigirex. "Cigirex brand electronic cigarettes offer a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. They are regarded as legal, outside and inside, where tobacco products have been banned. The smoking experience is duplicated (even to the softly glowing tip which is battery-powered). However there is No Tar, No Tobacco no dangerous carcinogens and no real smoke. The nicotine pacifier in Cigirex aids in withdrawal symptoms from tobacco furthering a helpful option to quit.

"The water vapor from Cigirex looks exactly like real smoke," Falcioni points out, 'however there is no second hand danger, no smell, no eye irritation and no chance of a fire starting. Harmless water vapor is a simulant, not a stimulant.

Until now the only solutions to tobacco smoking were the patch, nicotine gum, going to a clinic. or sheer willpower. Finally, Cigirex provides an answer that makes sense. The future of smoking is now with Cigirex brand-e cigarettes."

That future will be heralded with a new major campaign to be launched in 2011 with a special New Year's Formula for the general public to add to the currently existing popular Cigirex agenda in the USA.

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