WikiLeaks Indiscretions Reveal Divisions Within Islam, Which the Recently Unveiled Lighthouses of Peace(r) Project Aims to Dispel

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MONTREAL, NEW YORK and ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 13, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During a Meeting in Montreal on December 9th, 2010, Roger Melka, co-Founder of Lighthouses of Peace Project, emphasized the positive timely contribution of this Peace Project in dispelling the ill effects of WikiLeaks indiscretions. "There is nothing," he said, "that cannot be forgiven and forgotten amongst friends in pursuit of a shared Peace and Prosperity." "The important thing," he added, "is to make an effort towards Reconciliation and talk Peace."

Queried about how this Project could neutralize these indiscretions, Roger said that "We decided to erect the first Lighthouse of Peace Monument near the Strait of Hormuz, within sight of the two largest branches of Islam, as a prelude to a sincere desire of Reconciliation and as a tribute to all Parties' willingness to live with each other, and with the rest of the World, in Peace and Harmony in spite of all differences and separate priorities."

In response to a question about this Project of Peace, Jacques Duval, Co-Founder of Lighthouses of Peace replied that "Our Project proposes the Construction around the World of a Network of Powerful Lighthouses, all in Structural Glass, covered with Islamic Graphic Designs in the Traditional Islamic Colors, and made up entirely of multi-facets colored stained-glass. These Towers of Lights, higher than the Eiffel Tower, symbolize Islam's Promise of Peace and a friendly Co-Existence."

Queried about how this Project could bring Peace, Roger replied, "We believe that, once built, these Magnificent Monuments to Peace shall be a Living Covenant to a United and Peaceful Islam, offering to the entire World an open hand to Reconciliation." Adding, "Like Rainbows are generally perceived as Nature's Promise of no more Floods, these Magnificent Lighthouses shall equally be perceived, by everyone around the World, as a Solemn Promise of Peace and as Islam's firm Commitment to a Harmonious Co-Existence." "Not only," he added, "between Islam and the rest of the World only, but within Islam itself."  

Roger concluded, "We appeal to all the News Media of the World, urging them to publish and circulate our Message of Hope around the World with the hope that it will eventually fall in the right circles capable of considering a Peace Project aimed at making the World a better place for all."

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