Endeavor Power Corporation Launches Industrial Precious and Scrap Metals Division Endeavor Metals

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

ROBESONIA, Pa., Dec. 14, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Endeavor Power Corp (OTCBB:EDVP), an emerging leader in electronic asset recovery and e-waste recycling, announced today the launch of its Endeavor Metals Division. The division will focus specifically on building a profit center from asset recovery of industrial precious and scrap metals.

The Endeavor operation will be an integral part of the Endeavor Power Corp's new business model for e-waste recycling and asset recovery, a fast-growing industry. Endeavor Metals is located in Robesonia, Pennsylvania.

Endeavor Metals will provide for drop off and cash purchasing of e-waste and other scrap metals by appointment in addition to providing full service pick up of 2500 lbs or more of e-waste anywhere in North America. Endeavor Metals will also offer contract disposal services and selected full inventory purchasing for a full range of businesses from small computer recycling operations to complete industrial plant closings.

Endeavor offers multiple asset recovery options to clients including rapid cash purchasing which is necessary in bankruptcy and downsizing cases.

"There is a tremendous opportunity in recycling precious metals and scrap metals within the computer and electronics arena alone," according to Alfonso C. Knoll, CEO of Endeavor Power Corp. "Millions of tons of e-waste that was previously sent to landfills, or overseas, can now be profitably processed and recycled back into the marketplace at a profit to Endeavor," said Knoll. Furthermore, explains Knoll, "We are committed to building a brand in e-waste and industrial recycling that will be a trusted and reliable partner working in accordance with increasingly stringent environmental standards."

Companies producing e-waste interested in recycling products containing precious and scrap metals should contact Endeavor Metals for an evaluation and full acquisition via e-mail quote@endeavormetals.com or call toll free (877) 285-5359.

About Endeavor Power Corp:

Endeavor Power Corp, headquartered in northeastern Pennsylvania, is leading the way in recycling the approximate 2.5 million tons of e-waste generated worldwide each year. Endeavor accepts end-of-life electronics to recover the precious metals, recycling the remainder in an environmentally sound manner. The company has established relationships with computer and electronics recycling operations contracted with nationally known retail chains.

In a fragmented market that has an overabundance of small operations that lack the ability to take advantage of new recycling technology, Endeavor is striving to become a trusted and respected resource that prides itself in being a top-tier, end-to-end e-waste management solution. Company plans include regional expansion and vertical integration in the market of refining the raw materials and precious metals garnered from recycling operations.

Twenty three states have already enacted e-waste recycling laws with more expected to follow.

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