Super Rad Extends In-House Intellectual Property

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FBC Holdings (OTCBB:FBCD), soon to become Super Rad Industries, is pleased to announce plans to expand The Ningyo Project. Besides producing Collectible Figures, Super Rad is working with strategic partners in Asia and the United States to develop other categories including Animation, Apparel, Housewares, School Supplies, and Video Games. The next wave of figures will be designed by artists such as Cope2, Matthew Langille, Junko Mizuno, Shin Tanaka, and Sun Min, to name a few. Super Rad will have signing events to commemorate each release.

"Developing in-house intellectual property, such as The Ningyo Project, is one of our main focuses," said Christopher LeClerc, CEO of Super Rad Industries. LeClerc continues, "The Ningyo Project is a cross between Pokémon and The Smurfs and has the ability to become an important Life Style Brand."

The doll Super Rad chose to recreate is a Gosho Doll; meaning from or of the Palace of Kyoto. The Goshos are wearing an Eboshi, or court cap, which accentuates their noble descent. The category of Gosho Doll that Super Rad decided to recreate is called Tachiko.

The Ningyo Project was conceived initially as a research project. As The Ningyo Project evolved and developed, Super Rad decided to turn the Project into a unique Do It Yourself Platform Project called Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll. The idea behind this was whoever collected these pieces from the artists had a connection to that artist, embracing and championing the aesthetic/point of view of that artist. Super Rad has released many Ningyos to date including versions designed by Joe Hawn, Jim Kock, James Marshal aka Dalek, Tara McPherson, Grag Simkins aka Craola, Joe Hawn, Plastigid, and Tokidoki.

About Super Rad Industries

Since 2006, Super RadToys has been at the forefront of the collectible art world, by producing innovative and high-quality vinyl collectibles that have gained an excellent reputation with collectors on a global basis. The founders aspired to create original and inspired vinyl collectibles to be acquired and cherished in the same way traditional art collectors do fine art. They specialize in translating licensing, branding concepts and turning intellectual property into tangible products including toys, figures, housewares, apparel and collectibles. As a result, the company has secured a portfolio of intellectual property and through various acquisitions of licenses, properties, and rights to utilize highly visible product brands.

Today, Super Rad Industries' team of professionals are continuing the success of identifying valuable intellectual property and trends, securing licensing and solidifying business relationships to insure the intellectual property rights, and designing products, in order to provide the highest quality of products and collectibles to consumers and fans.

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