CityVille Surpasses FarmVille as Most Popular Game on Facebook

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

The city slickers have triumphed. CityVille, the new social media game from Zynga, the makers of the runaway hit FarmVille, has surpassed its rural counterpart in having the most active users on Facebook, according to the blog All Facebook.

Released on Dec. 2, the game began rocketing up the charts about a week later. Around Christmastime, the game shot past 55 million active users (FarmVille's lofty heights) on Facebook, and as of yesterday had more than 70 million people playing it online.

Instead of building up a farm by plowing virtual fields, planting e-seeds and raising digital livestock in FarmVille, the new CityVille game takes a cue from the classic computer game SimCity. Players guide a settlement from a one-horse town to a sprawling metropolis by paving roads, setting up businesses and keeping an eye on the municipal coffers.

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